set3 Solutions are proud to be the UK Reseller for VLinks Addin products for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

V-Technician is a powerful Outlook add-in for ServiceDesk Plus. The add-in is designed to simplify the process of creating requests directly from an employee’s Outlook inbox and straight into ServiceDesk Plus. Once an employee has created the request, he can manage, update and close it – directly from Outlook.

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Save Time
Using our products you can make your service process more efficient by reducing the amount of time spent when managing support and service requests.

Increase Revenue
Our products ensure that all requests end up in the support system, even when sent directly to the support personnel. More request = more billing hours = more revenue.

Improve Service
Make sure all your support request are logged in your support system, Requests that are not logged can get lost and that can result in unhappy customers!

Easy To Use
Our products are developed for IT professionals but that does not mean that things have to be complicated.

Flexible License Structure
The license structure ensures excellent value-for-money for any business as it allows you to buy only what you need.

Quick Return On Investment
The product guarantees quick ROI since you only need a few requests logged in the system that otherwise would have been lost.


The V-Technician add-in bridges the gap between ServiceDesk Plus and Microsoft Outlook by enabling integration between the two solutions. By clicking just one button, a request is created in ServiceDesk Plus with the subject of the email and all the email content is automatically assigned to that specific request.

Create and Manage Request
This add-in bridges the gap between ServiceDesk Plus and Microsoft Outlook by enabling integration. By clicking just one button a request is created in Service Desk Plus with the subject of the email and all the content of the email is assigned to that request..

Reply To Request
You can reply to the contact of the request with HTML message and select if the original content should also be embedded. If you have a signature setup in Service Desk Plus then that signature is also included. You can manage the to address and CC addresses before sending.

Automatic Assignment
In the settings of the add-in you can select if a group or Support rep. should be automatically assigned to a request. When the request is created these settings are used and the request is assign accordingly.

Add Notes
You With V-Technician you can easily add notes to a request with just a click of a button and the note is accessible in the request in the ServiceDesk Plus Portal.

Attachments are automatically uploaded when a new request is created and you have the option to attach additional files as needed one or more.

View Requester Information
You can view information about the requester like phone numbers and which site and department he belongs to along with other useful information.

Request View
This is a very powerful feature that allow you to work with all request from a predfined view filters in ServiceDesk Plus. you can select the request in the list and manage it from here.

You can export requests to PDF or Excel from the Request View and have an option to attach the exported request view directly to email.

Access Request
With a click of a button you can access the ServiceDesk Plus Portal and with another you can access the request in the portal directly. Also, when a request is created or changed, a notification balloon is displayed and by clicking it you access the request.

HTML Editor
We have supplied a powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor that allows you to write beautiful HTML content that is both rich and has many options.

Microsoft Exchange Active Sync
This add-in allows usage of active sync for information replication. This means that all request information a user creates in the add-in can be accessible for the user in another Outlook. This is very useful when a user has a workstation and another device for example a Microsoft Windows Surface or other tablet PC.

Add Resolution
You can add and manage a resolution and if the option to “prompt for resolution on request close” is enabled when a request is closed then the Support Rep. is prompted for the resolution in a dialog.

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