New Features:

Accounts Tab :

  • Ability to add Tasks from the Accounts page.

Billing :

  • Option to deduct allowance only from operational hours when diff charges are configured.

Worklog :

  • Billable/non-billable worklogs in all modules.
  • Work log billable/non-billable property to be synchronized with Zoho Reports & Analytics Plus.
  • Behaviour of Work Logs along with Request’s billable changed after bringing in Billable/Non-Billable property for Work Log.
  • Is billable field is available under Time spent reports.
  • Support for Billable and Work Log Type attributes in v3 API.
  • Worklog type is added as a column in the Worklog type list view.

Change Management :

  • Account based change template.
  • Ability to associate multiple projects to change and vice versa.
  • Ability to associate MSP problem to change.

Enhanced Survey – Some of the enhancements include, Option to :

  • Configure Account based Survey Templates.
  • Configure different survey templates for different types of requests.
  • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
  • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
  • Configure different answers for different questions. Find these features at Admin >> User Survey.

Projects :

  • Get projects related to key information displayed in the dashboards page. Include project related widgets to display key information on the dashboard page.
  • Additional fields for Projects: Capture different types of alphanumeric information about your projects by adding different types of fields.

Service Catalog :

  • Ability to configure default service workflow for all accounts during template creation.

Integration :

  • Password Manager Pro Integration.
  • Site24x7 integration with SDPMSP.

Behaviour Changes:

  • Billed/Jobsheet confirmed Work Orders of Charge Per Incident type shouldn’t be marked as billable/non-billable.
  • SDPMSP-12543: Option to allow Change Owner to globally edit Changes using queries.

Issues Fixed:

  • SDPMSP-10669: Prompt for Request closure code(Resolved status) is not appearing in Inline edit and global edit.
  • SDPMSP-11913: Unable to open SLA Violated requests from Dashboard from the widgets – Request received in Last 20 days and Request Closed in last 20 days.
  • SDPMSP-11958: Iphone app crashes when we click on Date field provided the iPhone has 24hr date format set in its settings.
  • SDPMSP-12002: Dashboard reports are not displayed for Stacked Bar Chart 2D/3D.
  • SDPMSP-12004: Request: Unable to associate a Project to a Request when a Change is associated to that Project.
  • SDPMSP-12021: Request – History tab goes blank after the instance is upgraded from 8106 to recent versions.
  • SDPMSP-12128: When an email signature contains images, then there is an unwanted attachment is present in the respective e-mail notifications.
  • SDPMSP-12142: In certain cases , Incorrect data is exported while we export the report in different formats.
  • SDPMSP-12240: In Custom Schedules, the help card is not loaded when the product language is different.
  • SDPMSP-12278: Cross-site Scripting related fixes in Project filter.
  • SDPMSP-12451: Encoding error at chat applet is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12539: In the request history, Before Modification and After Modification sections with regards to Description changes are not displayed.
  • SDPMSP-12591: In Change template , saved users in Change roles (of all user type) are not displayed.
  • SDPMSP-12597: Unable to edit and save requesters when the purchase approver check box is enabled.
  • SDPMSP-12600: Notifications send to MSP users (msp requesters and technicians) should be sent from MSP Oganization support mail address and not MSP Mail server’s email address.
  • SDPMSP-12606: In Work log form ‘Is non-billable?’ field is changed as ‘Is Billable?’.
  • SDPMSP-12644: Unable to change asset state of the assets.
  • SDPMSP-12676: Unable to take backup due to the Dynamic Table issue is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12719: On updating an asset without asset, state exception is thrown in the UI.
  • SDPMSP-12722: LDAP configuration page is blank for Account Admin role technicians.
  • SDPMSP-12725: Incorrect Notification is sent in projects with no change associated to it.
  • SDPMSP-12844: Unable to delete account for which billing contract was configured.
  • SDPMSP-12863: Technician ID is shown instead of Technician’s name in Request History after upgrading to 9413.
  • SDPMSP-12872: Popular solution search in requester login for non English language settings throws authentication error.
  • SDPMSP-12898: When account name contains ‘ symbol in Account name then on editing the account all the fields are shown as an empty field.
  • SDPMSP-12922: Performance issue in request details page.
Build Release

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