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  • SDPMSP-11376 : Option to show only approved solutions to the technicians- Unapproved solutions will be hidden from technicians who doesn’t have solution approval privilege.

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-10437 : Technician with custom role is not able to add requester through quick actions.
  • SDPMSP-11927 : History page gets crashed while viewing the “History” tab of certain assets.
  • SDPMSP-12008 : Performance issue while updating Technician details is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12124 : When a open ticket’s status is changed to ‘On Hold’ status, the change is not captured in the History.
  • SDPMSP-12140 : My Approvals widget is not listed in the Home tab.
  • SDPMSP-12236 : Categories associated for specific accounts are not visible in Incident template category field.
  • SDPMSP-12245 : Accounts associated in a custom trigger gets reset into “All Accounts” after saving it.
  • SDPMSP-12252 : Application is not taking the automatic Backup during certain upgrade process.
  • SDPMSP-12256 : In Custom trigger, values for “Requester Name” criteria fails to load.
  • SDPMSP-12259 : Refresh token expires in short time in QuickBooks Online integration.
  • SDPMSP-12260 : When a notification link has account URI details,then the notification link is not working.
  • SDPMSP-12261 : Close option is not listed in custom trigger criteria.
  • SDPMSP-12267 : XSS vulnerabilities found in showStatusMessage.jsp.
  • SDPMSP-12272 : XSS vulnerability is found in “/selectci.json” URL.
  • SDPMSP-12288 : When solution list view is accessed through api, the number of views in solutions list view doesn’t get updated.
  • SDPMSP-12296 : “Account Details” in request’s details page throws error for Custom role Technicians.
  • SDPMSP-12297 : Templates which are not associated for an account is also listed on editing a request.
  • SDPMSP-12313 : Account admin is unable to scan Assets from Windows Domain Scan.
  • SDPMSP-12371 : Unable to export scanned software from the list view.
  • SDPMSP-12389 : XSS Vulnerability in the Software Metering graph of the Software Summary page.
  • SDPMSP-12390 : When a vulnerable license file gets uploaded, no proper error message is shown.
  • SDPMSP-12391 : Vulnerability: Credential information is hard coded in plain text format.
  • SDPMSP-12395 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload.
  • SDPMSP-12396 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
  • SDPMSP-12415 : Unable to create request from chat settings , missed chats.
  • SDPMSP-12572 : Translation issue in showing “MSP Holidays” in polish is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12573 : “Request type” link is not available in admin page under helpdesk customization for standard/professional license.
  • SDPMSP-12578 : Unable to add network scan.


(Released on: 28 Nov 2018)

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-12535 : Mail Fetching is getting Stopped while request creation through email after upgrading to 9410 in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12545 : Default Billing Contract is not applied over Requests which are created through Preventive Maintenance Task.
  • SDPMSP-12547 : API structure of request details doesn’t have contract status for No Contract Requests or Android app is not working post upgrade to 9410.
  • SDPMSP-12549,12551 : Upgrade to 9410 fails in certain cases where contract billing is configured.
  • SDPMSP-12553 : Upgrade to 9410 fails in certain cases where the database used is less than SQL server 2012.
  • The Apple push notification certificate is updated in this build.


(Released on: 19 Nov 2018)


Billing Enhancements:

  • Associate multiple contracts with an account.
  • Create prepaid service plans.
  • Charge customers on a weekly basis.
  • Charge customers at the end of a contract period using the Contract Length option in service plans.
  • Send job sheet as a soft copy to the requester.
  • Contract information in the account is well positioned in the Requests Details page for better visibility.

Account Details Enhancements:

  • Configure and track account details effectively.
  • Get a consolidated list of IT Assets, Requesters, Technicians, Requests under one place.
  • Option to show/hide, Account advisory details from account details view page.

Other Enhancements:

  • Option to disable survey filling through non-login URL using query.
  • Share MSP assets to users from other accounts and track them.
  • Include account managers in Service Level Agreement escalation notifications.
  • Last Update Time of requests will get updated on any Add/Update events happening in Work logs.

Integration Enhancements

Integration with Salesforce CRM:

  • Introducing ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration with Salesforce CRM.
  • With this integration, you can Import Account and Contact information from Salesforce CRM.
  • Schedule and configure automatic imports.

CTI Enhancements

  • Incoming call (UI changes in call popup to view requester’s assets, to view account requests, to add comments to request description).
  • Make outgoing calls from SDP MSP to users using Script.

Xero Enhancements

  • Push Invoice Tax type to XERO.
  • Date format is now customizable.

Integration with AD Manager Plus

Introducing ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration with AD Manager Plus.With this integration, the administrators can,

  • Reset passwords, create, delete, unlock, enable, and disable users in the AD from the request details page of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Efficiently manage their Active Directory in both the Applications.
  • This feature can be configured under Admin >> ME Integrations >> AD Manager Plus.
  • SDPMSP-ADMP integration is compatible with ADMP build number 6500

Desktop Central – MSP Integration Enhancements

  • “Tools” introduced under Actions menu of requests for performing operations such as “Lock”, “Hibernate”, “Shutdown”, “Restart” etc., on target machines remotely from SDPMSP.
  • “Tools action integration between SDPMSP and Desktop Central – Ability to restart, lock, wake on LAN, hibernate, shutdown, initiate chat and view system manager of Windows machines from the machine’s details page or request details page if SDPMSP is integrated with Desktop Central.
  • “In DC Integrated mode (DC version 100316 and above), option to start a chat session with the requester will be available. Also, the chat conversation can be added as note or as resolution or can be created as a new ticket.

Third Party Integrations page is revamped for better visibility.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-6982 : Worklog end time shows extra minute from the current time is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-11070: CSRF vulnerability in password reset form.
  • SDPMSP-12237: Unable to update Custom Schedules post 9408 upgrade.
  • SDPMSP-12289: Unable to hide default username/password details in the login page.
  • SDPMSP-12380: No Manage Connection throws when we try to filter using pick list additional field, Request Advance Search.
  • SDPMSP-12407: Unable to add/update a Contract worklog through API.
  • SDPMSP-12411: When the end time of a Worklog is updated through API, it changes its start time.

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Build Release

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