• SDPMSP-12049: Reports – Account is added as a selectable column in CMDB reports

Issues Fixed:

  • Few Vulnerability related issues fixed.
  • SDPMSP-11422: Exception thrown while splitting a conversation as a new request.
  • SDPMSP-11557: Blank page is shown on clicking business rules in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11600: Request Resolution tab shows html content.
  • SDPMSP-11609: Support group is not listed in Account manager role while selecting other sites in request creation page.
  • SDPMSP-11659: Support mail address shown in backup failure cases is updated with MSP support address.
  • SDPMSP-11708: Exception thrown in logs while viewing custom dashboard in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11709: Requests by Technician count is showing wrongly in the dashboard page.
  • SDPMSP-11805: Unable to update the worklog from non-billable to billable through API.
  • SDPMSP-11893: Admin – Account Details configuration, additional fields values are not saved in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11963: Tasks are not deleted after deleting an account.
  • SDPMSP-11964: All accounts reset to the actual account after editing a request.
  • SDPMSP-11993: Unable to add new account when an announcement is deleted from home page announcement widget.
  • SDPMSP-12059: Exception occurred when accessing Organise Business Rule under admin -> Business Rules in MSSQL database instance.
  • SDPMSP-12061: Request – Mails from new requesters with account support email address in cc is not categorised correctly.
  • SDPMSP-12066: Post editing a SLA, the link goes to the MSP sla list page instead of account SLA list page.
  • SDPMSP-12072: While adding business rule under actions assign to technician actions all the technicians are shown instead of site-specific technicians.
  • SDPMSP-12073: Project template list is not shown based on the account’s selected.
  • SDPMSP-12074: When the requester is set while creating a change, Category Select Box reset to default value.
  • SDPMSP-12078: Technicians, Requesters names are not shown in auto-suggestion list in new Changes creation page in few cases.
  • SDPMSP-12081: Requests: Page crashes when the template is changed during request edit operation.
  • SDPMSP-12083: Domain value becomes “None” when editing requester under -CMDB>People>requester.
  • SDPMSP-12109: Error throws in Android app while adding a task.
  • SDPMSP-12115: When SSP setting ‘Combine incident and service templates listing for the service’ is No, service templates are also listed under Incident catalog drop-down.
  • SDPMSP-12117: Unable to integrate Quickbooks online in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12120: When exception throws in a page, Performance issue occurs (if SSO is enabled).
  • SDPMSP-12126: Task API: Edit operation says ‘Success’ but the Task is not updated.
  • SDPMSP-12129: In some API’s when the accountname/sitename attribute is wrongly provided, the operation still proceeds without throwing the error.
Build Release

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