What’s new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 9403?
  • SDPMSP-11016: Ability to change billing status through business rule.

  • SDPMSP-11402: Bulk association of notification rules to accounts is made easier.
  • SDPMSP-11449: Option to enable/disable ‘Domain Filtering during Login’ option in Self-Service Portal Settings.
  • SDPMSP-11450: Feature to make login URI as optional.
  • SDPMSP-11455: Bulk association of Service SLA to accounts through Service catalog is made easier.
  • SDPMSP-11480: $AccountName variable can be added in task notifications.
  • SDPMSP-11601: Account based Home tasks (Global tasks).
  • SDPMSP-11678: Job-sheet Enhancement:
    Allow users to print jobsheet from Request list view (one or more).
    Allow users to print the jobsheet for the request which is not closed (using Query).
    Added few variables in jobsheet template (Org Address, Account Address, Resolved time, Signoff, Notes)
Issues Fixed:
  • SDPMSP-9000 : Account Manager is unable to see public reports.
  • SDPMSP-9028 : Account Manager is unable to delete his own report folder.
  • SDPMSP-9362 : In CTI popup, clicking on More details is throwing privilege error.
  • SDPMSP-11299: Unwanted display of edit icon for Technician in CMDB module.
  • SDPMSP-11300: Service catalog additional fields are not showing in column chooser.
  • SDPMSP-11373: Priority value is not shown while editing a Request.
  • SDPMSP-11384: When a product name contains underscore in it, while choosing the product during purchase order creation the characters after the underscore are not getting displayed.
  • SDPMSP-11421: Worklog timer is not working properly, when account contract is enabled.
  • SDPMSP-11422: Exception thrown while we Split a conversation as new request.
  • SDPMSP-11424: Domains are not populated for msp requesters/technicians, when a domain is a shared with msp account alone.
  • SDPMSP-11431: When the site name has special character on it, site name is shown with HTML characters.
  • SDPMSP-11442: Advanced search is not working properly in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11481: Exception thrown while we trigger survey manually.
  • SDPMSP-11484: Request history is not loaded when the status on hold scheduler has been cancelled.
  • SDPMSP-11486: User is not able to retrieve requests through API for custom views.
  • SDPMSP-11492: Requester is unable to view the assigned project task from the notification link.
  • SDPMSP-11499: Request approval notification is not sent if technician raises a request.
  • SDPMSP-11563: Unable to choose Allow Exception fields in Schedule data archiving.
  • SDPMSP-11623: Unable to import Assets from CSV file with vendor name.
  • SDPMSP-11668: There is a performance issue if the number of requester is huge and many API call is made at a time to fetch requesters.


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