New features

Project templates.

Create new projects for accounts by choosing from predefined templates. Organize project workflows by defining milestones, tasks, and sub-tasks within templates.

Customizable dashboards.

Add, edit, remove, restore, resize, and rearrange widgets, control access to dadhboards with privacy settings, create private, shared, and managerial dashboards.

Custom schedules.

Perform customized actions periodically, or just once, through custom scripts.

Job sheet customizer.

Record all customer request details customized job sheet templates, and print out job sheets easily. Check the history of requests instantly to get approvals from clients quickly.

QuickBooks Online integration.

Sync accounts with QuickBooks Online and create invoices for specific requests. Track your income and cash flow.

  • Access bills generated in Zoho Books from ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Technicians can mark their availability as “online” or “offline” on their homepage.
  • Add up to 50 additional fields to service requests.

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-7456 : While copying support group the associated technicians are not populated in Destination site.
  • SDPMSP-8080 : Technicians to be notified in Business rule are not copied for Copy Default Site.
  • SDPMSP-10293: Unwanted mail address is mentioned in Problem notification.
  • SDPMSP-10296: Having french characters in account or site name results in addition of invalid registry key.
  • SDPMSP-10307: “Keep me signed in” is not working.
  • SDPMSP-10315: Technicians are not able to login before a day of license expiry date.
  • SDPMSP-10332: Agents version is wrongly shown. Agent Latest version is 1.0.24.
  • SDPMSP-10377: The header section background color is changed to blue on choosing custom color in theme (General Settings).
  • SDPMSP-10437: Technician with custom role is not able to add requester through quick actions.
  • SDPMSP-10496: The account contract usage notification should be sent as soon as the usage limit is exceeded.
  • SDPMSP-10520: Swedish translation issue in certain pages.
  • SDPMSP-10567: Future Contracts are allowed to overlap for a single account which creates multiple contract for that account in a single time instance.
  • SDPMSP-10571: Error thrown when we select a Request Template for a request or editing that Request Template.
  • SDPMSP-10576: Unauthorized access error while adding model in the asset creation page (For custom role technician).
  • SDPMSP-10594: LDAP – Wrong domains are updated for requesters during scheduled import.
  • SDPMSP-10598: Unable to edit worklog in all modules other than “request”.
  • SDPMSP-10601: While editing PM task it shows all the fields and tasks of Default template instead of the template chosen.
  • SDPMSP-10629: Spelling mistake in German language for the text “MSP Site” in Admin page.
  • SDPMSP-10645: Performance issue while we edit and save Purchase Order.
  • SDPMSP-10648: Field and Form Rules in Incident Template doesn’t update Accounts associated to it.
  • SDPMSP-10676: Rendering Exception is thrown in Business rules page at certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-10686: Application takes too long to disassociate accounts for technicians.
  • SDPMSP-10706: No Manage Connection throws and unable to access Request Tab.



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