Behaviour Change in 9412:
  • SD-70724 : Actionable items in the Admin module are moved to the left side.
  • SD-70728 : ‘Add new form’ in business rule, SLA, custom filter has a revamped UI.
  • SD-71104 : Community tab is hidden for technicians (non-admins).
  • SD-71646 : Item price is mandated in purchase requests.
  • SD-56821 : Links displayed for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones in the Associate Project pop-up in requests are removed.
  • SD-71027 : “More Fields” button is removed in the New project form.
New features in 9412:
  • Privacy settings enhancement:

    • Encryption At Rest for sensitive data: Option to encrypt the confidential information collected in Incident/Service Additional Fields. Single or Multi-line and Pick List fields can be encrypted. Click here to know more.
    • Password protected backup data: The application backup is now protected with a password. The password is required to open the backup file / restore it. This password can be changed in the Admin-> Backup schedule page. click Edit Scheduling and input the backup password to change the backup password.
    • Anonymize deleted users: Option to anonymize deleted users from the Requesters list. Click here to know more.
    • Limitation :
      Reports, advanced search, custom filters will not display any of the encrypted fields.
      The MasterKey password cannot include non-English characters.
  • SDF-71766 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Option to remotely access privileged accounts in target machines (or resources) from within ServiceDesk Plus without account credentials. Find the feature at Admin >> General Settings >> ME Integrations. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-71759 : Do more with V3 API: Now you can perform the following operations using the V3 API: ADD, UPDATE, GET, GET ALL, DELETE, CLOSE requests. Add Resolution, pickup requests, associate requests, and link requests.
  • SDF-21131 , SDF-22400 , SDF-24334 , SDF-61555 : Enhanced Survey – Some of the enhancements include,

    Option to:

    • Configure different survey templates for different type of requests.
    • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
    • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
    • Configure different answers for different questions. Find these features at Admin >> User Survey. To learn more about this features. Refer to this.
  • SDF-63939 : Custom Scripts in BR: Option to invoke custom scripts in business rules. You can use this to completely abort operations or update field values (like additional field value). Find the feature at Admin >> Organization Details >> Business Rules. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-31605 , SDF-62977 , SDF-63517 : Request status is given under business rule criteria.
  • SDF-61713 , SDF-61890 , SDF-62294 , SDF-63690 : Business view: Option to view and manage the saved relationship maps of CIs from one place.

    Find the feature in CMDB > Business view. Click here to know more.

  • SDF-68798 : Chat enhancements: Option to interact easily with fellow technicians using the inbuilt chat. Click here to learn more.
  • SDF-65490 : User merge tool : Option to merge duplicate requesters. Find the feature at Admin >> Users >> Requesters. Click here to learn more.
  • SDF-65398 : Task custom filter: Option to create custom task filters.
  • SDF-51449 : Additional fields for Projects: Capture different types of alphanumeric information about your projects by adding different types of fields
  • SDF-71757 : Project Dashboard: Get projects related key information displayed in the dashboards page. Include project related widgets to display key information on the dashboard page. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-71758 : Enhanced comments for projects/milestones/tasks: Notify users in comments by using ‘@ mentions’; For e.g., use @John to notify John. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-49791 : Global search for projects: Find projects easily by using keywords, and also column fields, such as Priority, Owner, and other column heads in the global search.
  • SDF-50361 : Multiple associations between projects and changes: Streamline the change or project process by associating multiple changes to a project and multiple projects to a change. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-50266 : Project template creation made easy: Create project templates from already existing projects, saving the redundant effort involved in creating a project template similar to an existing template.
  • SDF-55327 : Notifications for comments: Option to have bell icon notifications for comments added on projects.
  • SDF-56887 : Option to customize the project list in the project list view.
  • SDF-63244 : “Estimated Effort” column included in the custom report for Tasks.
  • SDF-23878 :Created time for tasks: Option to view the created time of tasks.
  • SDF-63515 : Personalized task filters will remain specific to each module (Homepage, requests, changes, problems, and projects).
  • SDF-63674 , SDF-63961 : Purchase order enhancements: Option to create a purchase order for non-asset purchases such as training and services. Find the feature at Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management >> Vendor Services. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-28658 : Resource state enhancements – Option to add custom asset state with the ability to enable/disable scan for assets in those states. Option to enable ownership for assets in these custom states. Find the feature at Admin >> Asset Management >> Asset State. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-70727 : Collapsible tabs introduced in header and sub-header of the application to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  • SDF-71169 : Support for ‘Lithuanian’ language in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SDF-70397 : Support for ‘Greek’ language in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SDF-70722 : Community page inside the application sports a new look.
Issue Fixed in 9412
  • SD-66006 : Vulnerability in the storage of private key for scanning Linux devices is fixed.
  • SD-67623 : Insecure storage of passwords in credential library.
  • SD-65170 : Business Rule’s ‘description’ criteria such as “ends with” and ” contains” does not work for requests with description size greater than the one configured in GlobalConfig DESCPSIZE. This issue occurs in requests added or updated through mail.
  • SD-70875 : Unable to save new content in scribble pad. An internal error also occurs while trying to close the scribble pad.
  • SD-22280 : When a ROBO Template is invoked through API, it does not perform the password reset function automatically. This issue is fixed in V3 API.
  • SD-24532 :Null pointer exception occurs while trying to open a survey without any answers.
  • SD-46249 : When a user submits a survey but fails to close the confirmation message and hits the back button, the user is not able to submit the survey the second time. A null pointer exception is thrown.
  • SD-56821 : On clicking Associate Project Button, the links for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones are present in the pop-up.
  • SD-61872 : Unable to save a password with special characters in credentials library.
  • SD-67496 : Chat module : Technician online/offline status is not considered when a chat is initiated to a technician.
  • SD-70325 : In / URL, the parameter ‘form’ is passed twice.
  • SD-70380 : Technician with request and project edit permission is unable to detach an associated project from a request.
  • SD-70600 : Private / Public filter icon is not displayed in the custom filters list view.
  • SD-71029 : After 9409, AD import doesn’t start if more than 300 OU’s are selected.
  • SD-71351 : Unable to access the technician availability chart and calendar from ‘Quick Actions’ menu.
  • SD-71713: With Zoho reports integrated, the application fails to start when internet connectivity is disabled.


Build Release

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