New Features in 9403:
  • SDF-69258 : Support for ‘Georgian’ language.
Issues Fixed in 9403:
  • SD-69139 : Vulnerability fixed.
  • SD-70508 : AD authentication doesn’t work in the mobile client context.
  • SD-70395 : In recently upgraded setups, start server/ shutdown server shortcuts does not work properly.
  • SD-70341 : Due to the API calls restriction to Zoho Reports, the SDP-Zoho Reports integration fails.
  • SD-70211 : Under “Requests by” filter in the dashboard, we are not able to access open/onhold/overdue tickets of technicians with commas in their names.
  • SD-70148 : Field and Form Rules configured to modify resource sections do not work on the request details page for inline edits.
  • SD-70138 : When starting ServiceDesk Plus by using the desktop icon, the browser is not automatically invoked.
  • SD-70065 : For non-English language requesters, the request ID search throws an authentication error.
  • SD-70000 : When data related to requests are partially added in mssql database, archiving/deleting a request from trash is not possible.
  • SD-69808 : Under Quick Create, if we select a requester name and select a change template for that requester, the requester name gets swapped with the logged-in technician’s name.
  • SD-69350 : While copying a service template Field and Form Rules, incident templates associated to the Service Catalog are listed.
  • SD-69145 : When multiple API calls are made simultaneously in the request module, issues occur.
  • SD-68637 : Under workflow, the Notify stage change to users value is not set when you modify the Move to stage & status filter.
  • SD-65128 : In some scenarios, custom trigger list view disappears when a new custom trigger is added.
  • SD-70509 : Sending task notifications to groups takes a lot of time.


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