• SD-68949 : CMDB API: Delete CI: The SDAdmin is unable to delete an asset that is not associated to any site.
  • SD-68388, SD-67081, SD-66890, SD-67007, SD-67455, SD-67456, SD-67606, SD-67607, SD-67809, SD-67810, SD-66889, SD-68557, SD-68231, SD-68158, SD-68943 : Vulnerability issue fixed
  • SD-66032 : Unable to reset the Project’s code field value to null.
  • SD-67443 , SD-67995 : Content variable $associatedlink added as a hyperlink in the “task comment notification template” doesn’t work.
  • SD-64242 : When multiple files are attached to a request and saved, the order in which the files were attached is not maintained
  • SD-65988 : An alert is displayed when you attempt navigating between the sub tabs of a project associated to a request.
  • SD-66736 , SD-67870 : Exception occurs while saving unique data by hitting the enter key multiple times.
  • SD-67601 : Approvers are missing in service requests that are created using a template with tasks dependencies. Issue occurs if one of the dependent tasks are unchecked.
  • SD-67875 : Error message does not display well while adding a duplicate task template name that has a script in it.
  • SD-67807 : Unable to edit “Project Type” from the list view page if the project color contains special character.
  • SD-66319 : When a request approval is pending, approval is sent to all the users including those who have already approved.
  • SD-67829 : All list views under Projects can now display a maximum of 100 items
  • SD-69093 : Field and form rules are not executed when an incident template is changed, then reverted.
  • SD-69012 : In some SQL environments, schedules of reports and preventive maintenance tasks were deleted after upgrading to the latest version.
  • SD-68118 : If users add worklog additional fields and edit an existing worklog, the additional field values of that worklog changes to null.
  • SD-68385 : Text wrap doesn’t apply to description in the work log list view.
  • SD-68631 : Rendering exception occurs in project if tasks are sorted by milestones.
  • SD-69009 : Inline edit for task list view doesn’t maintain page navigation.
  • SD-68163 : Variable “$comments” in the ‘projects comments notification template’ does not change to a value in the notification.

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