New Features

  • SDF-65596 : Broadcasting a message to all Technicians.
  • SDF-68177 : Custom vendor configuration for sending SMS Notifications.
  • SDF-65302 : Easier value selection component introduced for all fields in Change request.
  • SDF-66082 : “All must approve” option, introduced for incident request under the Approval Configurations, can be used to mandate approval of all the approvers involved in a request. This option can be configured from any Incident template >> Work Flow Tab.
  • SDF-65208, SDF-30431 : Introduction of ‘Allow approval action for logged-in users only’ helps to make sure only the intended users take approval actions. This option can be found in Self-Service Portal settings under the “Approval Settings” section.
  • SDF-64182, SDF-21042 : Option to add attachments in the resolution of a request.
  • SDF-64167 : Now technician can view requester details and requests created by them during request creation.
  • SDF-63026 : WebRemote feature helps in taking remote session of Windows machines.
    • It is fast, and does not depend on any browser plugin.
    • Since it is HTML5 browser based, remote to Windows machine can be perfomed from any OS/device.
    • This feature uses Microsoft RDP and does not require agents to be installed in the remote machine.
    • The remote sessions can be recorded and played back later.
    • The sessions recorded are captured under asset’s history and request’s notes section.
    • Limitation : Remote sessions to Windows 10 machines is not possible now and would be resolved in one of the immediate service pack as we upgrade to Jre 1.8.
  • SDF-63185: Option to set the LocalAuthentication password as random or predefined, for users added through ActiveDirectory (AD), LDAP, Dynamic user addition and for users created via e-mail requests, from the UI itself. This can be found under Admin >> Users >> Active Directory/LDAP.

Behavior Change in 9323:

  • In Self Service Portal, Asset Selection is disabled only for Change Request.
  • Modify “ChangetoAsset” table to “ChangeToCi” in query reports to avoid errors.

Issues Fixed in 9323:

  • SD-68108 : Change: Unable to add attachments via global edit form, by a Change Manager/Change Owner of a given Change Request, which has crossed the Submission stage.
  • SD-68338 : Non-English characters appear as symbols in Status Comments in the Change module.


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