Issues Fixed

  • SD-60611 : Timeout issue occurs while importing large number of users from LDAP
  • SD-47313, SD-66129, SD-62175 : Cursor is not placed in the “to” field or the “description” field when we hit the ‘reply’ button in requests.
  • SD-65711 : “Change Password” option is available for users who have logged using the AD authentication.
  • SD-66772 : Field and form rules doesn’t work if asset values are selected as options for a resource question in the service catalog.
  • SD-67473 : When a request is created through Chat, the “Mode” field would be set to with a default value of “Chat” if present.
  • SD-67797 : If a request additional/default fields’ values has a forward slash, then it is getting replaced with a backward and forward slash in the request list view.
  • SD-67753 : The text “Actions” under Requests tab is not translated for non English languages.
  • SD-67834 : Extra lines are added to texts that are copied and pasted from Outlook to the Announcements.
  • SD-60839, SD-66853 : When we update a service category with an icon, it gets updated in a different service category.
  • SD-67018 : If the count of Service Approvers in the application is high (say around 7000), then the Service Request creation form loads slowly.
  • SD-67771 : If we hit enter key on the resolution text box of a default template, before creating a request, a blank resolution gets added.
  • SD-65810 : Attachments are not visible in the solutions that are published in the Self Service Portal.
  • SD-68126 : Credentials are not loaded properly in API in some scenarios.
  • SD-67956 : Request Pick List additional field values are not listed in sorted order.
  • SD-67341 : No response on saving closure code comments in a Change request.
  • SD-59362, SD-59503, SD-60060, SD-60114, SD-60134, SD-61035, SD-61036, SD-64425, SD-65356, SD-65357, SD-66446, SD-66667, SD-66692 :XSS Vulnerability issues fixed
  • SD-68229 : Not able to change the site using the site search icon when the number of active sites are more than 100.

Behaviour change

  • SD-67833 : Behavior change in Search: If a request id is used in the search box, and a request exists with that id, then the search will take the user to the particular request’s details page. If texts are used in the search box then it will function as a default search and show the list of requests that contain the searched text.


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