Issue Fixed

  • SD-67740: Request list view page is blank for some technicians after migrating to 9315, the scenario is as follows,
    • Some technicians sets the ‘Refresh frequency’ to some value, say 3 or 5
    • After some time, he sets it back to ‘Never’
    • The server is now upgraded to 9315.

New Features

  • SDF-65167: Request List View Enhancements: Mark request filters as favorite, resize request columns, and view tasks and requests in a single page.
  • SDF-67564: Revamped request history: Option to filter and sort history details of a request using various fields such as status, priority, mode, impact, and level.
  • SDF-42517: Option to automatically close a request when approval is denied – i.e, if the approval status of a request is changed to the “Denied” state. This configuration can be done in Admin >> Request Closing Rules.
  • SDF-65212: Option to merge service requests.
  • SDF-65393: Email reply gets auto merged as conversation based on email header (in-reply-to header). This feature is enabled by default .It can be disabled through the Globalconfig Table in the database. [Parameter=AppendOnRequestReferences].
  • SDF-63883: Live Chat for Users: Allow requesters to have a quick chat with technicians easily.
  • SDF-65278: Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now offers reports and dashboards on change management module. In this update you will get-
    • An overview of upcoming and in-progress changes.
    • Insight into the CAB approval process.
    • Change management dashboard, CAB approval dashboard, business impact analysis and much more.

    Also, Request – MultiSelect additional fields are supported.

  • SDF-28592: Refer settings of one site for configuring another site. Referring site follows the settings of the chosen site. Admin >> Sites >> New/Edit Site.
  • SDF-65039: Option to configure the base delimiter. Admin >> Mail Server settings >> Delimiter.
  • Note: By default, the base delimiter is ## and delimiter for each module is Request-RE, Change-CH, Problem-PB, Project-PJ, Solution-SO, Task-TA, PurchaseOrder-PO, PurchaseRequest-PR, and Contract-CO.
  • SDF-67252 : Scan status with troubleshooting steps will be displayed in details page of SNMP devices too.
  • SDF-51608: Option to list users who are deleted in the active directory. From this list, users can be deleted either manually or automatically.
  • Note: Deleted user data from the remote server cannot be transferred to the central server.

Behaviour change

  • Request ID search has been removed. Instead, the global search will have the “request id” filter enabled by default. Switch to “default search” filter to perform global search within the application.
  • When Business Rules are applied to move a request to Closed / Resolved / Completed status, the action will be successful only if the Request satisfies the Request closing rules.
  • Previously,$EntityID was used in Notification template. This has been changed to ##ModuleDelimiter-$EntityID##. For each module, replace their respective delimiters. For example, $RequestID should be replaced with ##RE-$RequestID##. The modified delimiter will be applied to the e-mail Notification template.
  • SDSiteAdmin without “ModifyingDueTime” permission will not be able to edit the ‘created time’ in global edit.

Issues Fixed

Home :

  • SD-65821 : Mark Unavailability option under Quick actions tab displays the first Technician listed instead of the logged in user in Technician drop-down.
  • SD-64371: Vulnerability fix in task module.
  • SD-42026: Vulnerability in scheduler.

Request :

  • SD-66176 & SD-65953: Unable to assign the site technician in the task template within the incident template and service catalog.
  • SD-63831: Worklog additional field’s tool tip is shown as “Null” in the “add new” worklog page.
  • SD-66253: Not able to edit “Date/Time” additional field of a WorkLog, if the field has no value assigned to it.
  • SD-66034: Attachment and History of tasks associated with a request are not archived when the request is archived. 
  • SD-66345: Request’s template doesn’t change when updated with a template with no service category via Email command by Requester.
  • SD-65987: Response due by time is set for a request duplicated from a request which doesn’t have a response due by time.
  • SD-48968: “Category” and “Description” details of a request are not present in the tooltip snippet over the archived requests.
  • SD-63535: Task attachment files are overwritten while adding attachments files of similar names.
  • SD-63611: Content in the reply text box of a request is not properly aligned if a requester/technician, who is not assigned to the request, replies.
  • SD-63664: Default request template page is displayed when we close a request with the FCR check box selected.
  • SD-66239: “Start Timer” option is unavailable for a technician who doesn’t have the permission to reopen a request.
  • SD-66137: Saved “Date” field values in the custom view criteria are automatically incremented in some cases.
  • SD-66153: Error occurs if we hit the “Convert” button multiple times while converting a Service Request into an Incident Request or vice versa.
  • SD-67377: In the IE browser, “Page not found” error occurs while trying to print a request page from ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SD-60592: Able to close requests with blank description even though it is configured in request closure rules.
  • SD-65197: Exception occurs while changing a request’s template in some scenarios.
  • SD-66059: ‘New DueBy Time’ calculation does not work when a ticket is reopened from ‘OnHold’ status during a holiday.
  • SD-66238: Incident additional field values are maintained in the request list view even after converting the request type from incident to service.
  • SD-66360: Overdue flag is displayed even when the resolved date is less than the due by date for a service request that is converted from an incident request.
  • SD-66856: Unable to remove all template tasks of a request via global edit.
  • SD-28229: Technician without an access to modify the ‘due by time’ is not able to modify the ‘created time’ as well.
  • SD-65978, SD-65997: Request collaboration does not work, if any of the technician’s display name has a single quote in it.
  • SD-65716: Unable to edit the pick list values once they are added to the request additional fields.
  • SD-66373: Able to change service category for a service request.
  • SD-46127: Extra space is added to texts that are copied and pasted from Outlook 2007 to the request description field.
  • SD-60599: Notifications are not sent when Requests are moved to Closed / Resolved / Completed status via Business Rules.
  • SD-66386, 63118: Unable to view Requester pop-up window of a Request by a Technician who does not have Adding/Editing Requester permission.
  • SD-66673: Request inline images are shown as attachments in the outlook.
  • SD-26693: Request pick list additional field’s default values are automatically selected in a request template even when we select “None”.
  • SD-66172, 66773: Unable to move Requests to unassigned state while configuring backup technician.
  • SD-66624: Technician notifications are wrongly sent for scheduled status changes.
  • SD-65800: Mail Fetching stops when a Request template has a deleted custom defined status
  • SD-66215: Unable to reset the “E-mail id to notify” field while updating request.
  • SD-66442: Task template list view pop-up is garbled while performing a column search, when a task is added to a request using task templates.
  • SD-66196: When we hit the tab key from the “Subject” field, cursor goes to the “Created Date” field instead of the “Description” field.

Change :

  • SD-66788: Rich Text option’s are not shown in Send notification of Change.

Solutions :

  • SD-66303: Unable to dissociate user groups from a solution.

Project :

  • SD-64246: The Gantt View page is blank for certain time zones.
  • SD-66100 & SD-66168: Project history does not change to the default language selected in the browser.
  • SD-66333: Unclear error message appears when unauthorized technicians access the milestone displayed on the breadcrumbs trail.
  • SD-66334: Associated project milestones are not listed in the Milestone List View for certain authorized users.
  • SD-66343: While viewing the Project history, an error is displayed if a user is deleted from the application.
  • SD-66438: Certain authorized users unable to add comments to a milestone.
  • SD-66451: Certain authorized users unable to view history of a milestone.
  • SD-66876: Total time spent by a project member in a milestone is not displayed.
  • SD-66877: Edit options not displayed in the Task List View under Project -> Milestones for certain authorized users.
  • SD-66298: In IE browser, an unwanted alert pops up on cancelling add task form in project.
  • SD-62494: Milestones list view page does not get refreshed after bulk deletion of milestones.
  • SD-66121: Project Estimated/Actual cost fields are shown in exponential format when the values are greater than 7/8 digits.
  • SD-65998: Site field is not populated as “Not associated to any site”, when a project is created using a project template that is not associated to any site.
  • SD-66033: In the site field, the “Not associated to any site,” option is alphabetically listed instead of being at the top, for projects.

Asset :

  • SD-63971 : Scan : VMs added in exclude device/IP list are not excluded while scanning.
  • SD-60286 : Scan : Exclude IPs/Devices from scan does not accept any IP range that ends with 100 like x.x.x.100
  • SD-64178 : Agent : Fetching last 5 characters of license key when the license key is not available.
  • SD-65719 : Agent remote control is not working when DC is integrated with product.
  • SD-66127 : Error while performing remote control from IE as it required administrative privileges.
  • SD-44820 : Agent : Issue in fetching Service Packs/Hotfix while scanning windows 7 machines
  • SD-66893 : Agent : User account information were duplicated during script scan.
  • SD-66226 : Scan : Serial number is not fetched while scanning Cisco IP Phones.
  • SD-66627 : Scan : StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while scanning a Cisco IP Phone.
  • SD-67025 : Scan : NumberFormatException while scanning a Switch.
  • SD-66249 : Exception on editing CIs with similar names that are marked as Assets.
  • SD-66163, SD-62126, SD-66185 : Unable to add attachments for Assets and software licenses.
  • SD-58915 : Unwanted 0kb pdf files are attached in mail notifications even when no audit changes are detected during Domain/Network scan.
  • SD-66241,SD-62091 : Unable to scan Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS machines, if Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled under Control Panel.
  • SD-66816 : OS of Debian machines was not properly identified.
  • SD-65347 : Unable to fetch correct model name for HP, Canon IR505 and Brothers printers.
  • SD-67058 : Changed the field name “Device Serial Number” to “Manufacturer Serial Number” and “Serial Number” to “Org Serial Number” in asset forms.

Software :

  • SD-58880 : Software : When the manufacturer for a software is changed from “Others” to “Microsoft”, certain individual/volume licenses are moved under CAL.
  • SD-63987 : Software : While adding a license agreement, the pick list values for custom fields are not loaded.
  • SD-64441 : Software : Unable to delete the site when it is associated with downgrade software license.
  • SD-66365 : Software : NullPointerException while deleting certain software licenses imported from CSV.
  • SD-64172 : Issue in displaying “Add Manufacturer” pop up in “Add New Software” form, in dual monitor.
  • SD-65399 : Duplicate CI relationships are created for manual software installations after scan.
  • SD-62150 : Unable to change the software types from scanned software list when software is manually added from workstation/server details page.

Purchase :

  • SD-65673 : Purchase: Item total cost fields are not restricted to two decimals in purchase request details page.
  • SD-65804 : Purchase : Purchase request id jumps by 300 on every restart of the application.
  • SD-66174 : Purchase : Unable to open purchase order(s) in new tab from the PO list view.
  • SD-66527 : Purchase: The approval link in the notification mail doesn’t work for second level approvers in purchase request. Isuue occurs when previous approver have approved from a Non-login link.
  • SD-63126 : Purchase : Approval limit of Purchase Order of an user is based on base currency instead of currency used in the PO.
  • SD-65747 : Purchase : Multiple submit clicks in “Notify the Vendor” popup in PO results in multiple POs being placed to the vendor.
  • SD-66200 : On receiving PO, CIs are added to child CI types, if the CI type has child CI types.
  • SD-66679 : Error occurs while canceling a purchase request if the “E-mail to purchase request’s requester and technician when request is cancelled” option is disabled under Admin –> Purchase Notification Rules.

Admin :

  • SD-65631: Priority color band in milestone template is not aligned properly.
  • SD-65630: Status color band in milestone template is not aligned properly.
  • SD-27685: “$NoteMadeBy” and “$NoteDesc” variables don’t work in the “Subject” field of “Notify technician when a note is added” email notification template.
  • SD-67368: Unable to fetch System Updates using Proxy Settings.
  • SD-47571: Reset button in the translations page is not working properly.
  • SD-65280: Emails filtered out by SPAM rule still creates Requester account in the application.
  • SD-66183: Mode cannot be set as ‘not for further usage’ if it is associated with a module.
  • SD-65982: SLA Escalation actions are not applied to a request when the action fields (Group, Technician, Priority & Level) that are set as “Allow Requester to View” disabled in template configuration.

Reports :

  • SD-64303 : Report: Unable to delete the advance filter for saved custom report.
  • SD-56494 : Report: Renewed contracts are also displayed under Reports –> Contracts –> Expired Contracts.
  • SD-65484 : Reports: Unable to view both dynamic and static views of the data model belonging to a CI History.
  • SD-65640,SD-65534 : Unable to run the CI History report for MSSQL database.
  • SD-66677 : “NullPointerException” occurs while generating a schedule report for CI History.
  • SD-65723 : Scheduled reports with criteria for Project module fetches incorrect data. 
  • SD-65709 : Cancel button in Reports window does not get disabled even after the Report is triggered.
  • SD-65454, SD-66799, SD-66798 : Error occurs while trying to run Audit history by Changes under Custom Reports.
  • SD-66519 : Unable to execute queries containing description field and workordertocharge table.
  • SD-65581, SD-66202 : Error occurs while executing scheduled reports by non-SDAdmin users.
  • SD-65620 : Able to create Report folder without giving any name.
  • SD-66029 : Improper error message while trying to create a Report folder with an existing name.
  • SD-46315, SD-59517, SD-66208 : The special characters in text columns are shown improper in Reports.

Others :

  • SD-64321 : Failure message displayed during “Delete credential” operation is not translated for Non-English languages.
  • SD-60797 : “File not found” error occurs while downloading attachments when SDP server location is changed.
  • SD-66244 : Documentation link under help redirects to an invalid page while viewing the admin tab.
  • SD-65451 : Vulnerability issue fixed.
  • SD-60084 : Able to view server details in the response header.
  • SD-65608, SD-65611 : Keep me signed-in does not work in some environments when automatic browser upgrade is enabled by the user.
  • SD-65889 : DC & MDM Permission check boxes are unchecked for technicians despite disabling the DC configuration in the application. DC & MDM tab(s) are not visible to SDAdmins, when we disable the DC configuration.
  • SD-66686 : Technician Notification pop-up to accommodate more notifications preview based on resolution.
  • SD-42026 : Vulnerability issue fixed.


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