Behaviour Change

  • SD-76169 : Description criteria is removed in the archived request search.
  • The business rule “description” criteria will consider only text content in the request description instead of considering the whole HTML content.
  • SD-70526 : Under Admin >> Problem/Change Management >> Change Roles >> CAB, view and edit permissions for the Approval stage cannot be disabled anymore.
  • SD-52669 : Remove Software Installation(s) option introduced in the software details page.

Issue Fixes

Vulnerability :

  • SD-75130 : Serialization and de-serialization vulnerability while importing requests from XLS.
  • SD-74542 : Arbitrary file upload vulnerability in login page customization.

Requests :

  • SD-76704 : Unable to view and download attachments present in a conversation.
  • SD-76152 : Incorrect product content under Approval configuration of Incident / Service templates.
  • SD-75979 & SD-32942 : Business Rules is considering HTML content for “Description” criterion.
  • SD-75946 : Request description is fetched instead of conversation description while $Description was defined in the reply template.
  • SD-71588 : Custom Trigger is getting applied for bulk edit request operation even when the condition(Status) does not match.
  • SD-66733 : First Response SLA is violated even though the ticket is put in On Hold (stop timer) status.
  • SD-75335 : While applying email command to a service request, the service request is converted to the default template incident request.

Changes :

  • SD-70621 : Asset scan from the change details page fails.

Assets :

  • SD-75523 : Out of memory error occurs if we configure Class A IP address full range while performing exclude scan.
  • SD-73391 : Unable to sort additional attributes of date type in assets and CI list views.
  • SD-54661 : Duplicate key exception occurs while scanning a workstation which was modified as a Firewall.

Purchase :

  • SD-70162 : Scroll bar is not working in purchase order list view.

Admin :

  • SD-74906 : My Modification count is not updated after resetting the translations. Admin –>Translations.
  • SD-75308 : Translations under Problem/Change management and Service catalog are not proper in the French language setups.
  • SD-75097 : In Request Life Cycle, templates under the deleted service category are shown in the templates list.
  • SD-74945 : Currency symbol of Great Britain Pound, Gibraltar Pound, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen is not displayed properly under Admin >> Currency.
  • SD-70893 : Change template edits are saved but not displayed on the UI. The issue occurs only if the template is associated with a site that’s configured with Refer Settings under Admin >> Organizational Details >> Sites.
  • SD-70783 : Duplicate key exception occurs while adding ServiceTag to Invalid Service Tag list.
  • SD-72972 : The word ‘Left'(meaning “remaining”)is translated as left(meaning “direction”) in Projects and other places for French Language setups.
  • SD-75362 : Incorrect image resolution information is given in the self-service portal settings page.
  • SD-73839 : Private domains are now listed in the user-merge list view. Admin –> Requesters –> Merge user
  • SD-74325 : When a report (with a name containing non-English characters) is emailed, the name is encoded at the receiver’s end.

Others :

  • SD-70543 : Sub menus in application close unexpectedly when users mouse over the tooltip.
Build Release

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