Issue Fixed

Vulnerability :

  • SD-73857 : Vulnerability fixed under Admin >> Project Management >> Project Status.
  • SD-74544 : Directory traversal vulnerability in dashboard widgets.
  • SD-35675 , SD-46452 : Restricting File Upload

    Restrict users from uploading vulnerable files to the application by blacklisting them based on file properties such as file extension or file content type. You can allow only specific files to be uploaded by whitelisting them. You can perform these operations by passing database queries. Click here to know more.

    Note : To prevent vulnerabilities during file upload, empty file upload will not be permitted anymore.

Home :

  • SD-75383 : Technician home page customisation is not reflected in non-admin roles.

Requests :

  • SD-75258 : Unable to add work log by using Timer on the request list view page. Also, the Timer entry is not preserved.
  • SD-75386 : Unable to attach files in the .msg format with a request by using the Drag option.
  • SD-75705 : Russian characters are displayed as question marks on the Share Request window.

Assets :

  • SD-71613 : Virtual machines having the same name but in different domains replace each other when scanned.
  • SD-73547 : When a technician assigned to a site creates a license, it gets assigned automatically to the org site if the available site is less than 2. Also, incorrect license count is shown in the software details page.
  • SD-75098 : Scanned software list view is not getting rendered after selecting the site filter.
  • SD-74769 : Assets in the loanable assets list disappears after performing a scan.


  • SD-74085 : Unable to import CIs for a custom CI type when the custom date field has a different format in the CSV and a different format chosen during import.

Admin :

  • SD-75611 : Under Chat Settings, 100 values will be loaded at one time for Exclude chat for group(s) and Exclude chat for site(s) fields.

Others :

  • SD-75380 : Background image of the login page couldn't be adjusted to the browser size.
  • SD-75265 : Performance issue occurs due to lack of caching of the redundant queries.
  • SD-73838 : Serbia and Montenegro have been added to the installation wizard countries list.
  • SD-75968 : Application goes blank if we select Traditional Chinese language under the Personalise menu.

Build Release

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