Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 90001 and 90030
  1. Customize third-party patch deployment in SCCM by creating deployment templates.
  1. Minor enhancements in User Interface has been done.
  2. Ability to select all applications is now available under “Select applications”.
  3. Adding certificates to “Trusted Publishers” and “Third Party Root Certificate Authority” stores has been automated.
  4. Now all published patches are automatically added to “All Software Update” view in SCCM.
  5. Patches can now be published from the list of available patches in the home page.
  6. Ability to re-sign patches has been introduced.
  7. Ability to expire patches has been introduced.
  8. “Patch Connect Plus for Microsoft SCUP” has been introduced.
  9. Now view the deployment status of the published patches in the Home tab.
  10. Active Directory user login has been enabled.
  11. Password Policy has been introduced to enable secure login to Patch Connect Plus.
  12. In ‘Select Applications’ page, the different applications have been grouped based on their respective vendors.
  13. While using a trial version, only a maximum of ten applications can be selected for deployment using Patch Connect Plus.
  14. You can now find an option of ‘Enable secure login’ under Security settings to switch into HTTPS connection.
  15. You can also configure Patch Connect Plus with a trusted third-party SSL certificate to ensure that the connection is secure.

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue in connecting to WSUS Server has been fixed.
  2. Issue in creating Self-Signed certificate has been fixed.
  3. Issue in importing certificate has been fixed.
  4. Issue in downloading iTunes patches has been fixed.
  5. Issue in publishing patches when DB Sync is in progress has been fixed.
  6. Under “Select Application”, issue in removing selected applications has been fixed.
  7. Credential manager UI issues has been fixed.
  8. Issues while using Patch Connect Plus in Internet Explorer has been fixed
  9. Issue in auto clean up of signing certificate in the machine where Patch Connect Plus is installed has been fixed. 
  10. Issue in uninstalling old updates of Java has been fixed.
  11. Under Certificate settings, issue in importing certificate has been fixed.
  12. Issue while publishing patches has been fixed. 
  13. Issue in deploying Adobe patches has been fixed.
  14. Issue in synchronising deployment data has been fixed.
  15. Issue in publishing patches to WSUS has been fixed.
  16. Issue in configuring WSUS settings has been fixed.
  17. Password Policy enabled by default.
  18. Issue in Creating a cab file for SCUP edition has been fixed.
  19. Issue found while syncing the deployment data has been fixed.
  20. Issue in sending the synchronization status report via mail has now been fixed.
  21. Issue in patch Database synchronization has been fixed.
  22. Issue in importing third party certificates to a remote WSUS server has been fixed. 
  23. The vulnerability that can cause clickjacking has been fixed.


Build Release

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