Features & Enhancements

New system role with privacy administration privileges

From 9701 onwards, a new system role named “Privileged Administrators” will be available in Password Manager Pro. A privileged administrator will have the same capabilities as an administrator. Besides, they’ll also have the privilege to configure privacy and security controls available under Privacy Settings, IP Restrictions, and Emergency Measures in the Admin tab.

Major Bug Fixes

  • In versions 9601 and 9700, SSH connections to remote systems (includes remote password reset operations) failed if Password Manager Pro was running on an Ubuntu server. This has been fixed.
  • In v9700, if RSA SecurID and Duo Security were configured as the second authentication factor in Password Manager Pro, users were unable to log into the application due to authentication error. This has been fixed.
  • In v9700, when the administrator changed the default “Server Port” under Admin >> Password Manager Pro (PMP) Server and saved the settings without providing a certificate, the PMP service did not run after server restart. This has been fixed.
  • In v9700, if AD user import was configured via LDAP integration with synchronization enabled, the Password Manager Pro accounts of a specific set of users in that AD domain were accidentally locked by the application when the sync schedule was run. This has been fixed.
  • In v9700, while trying to transfer ownership of resources from one user to another under the “Users” tab, the action was unresponsive if the username of the current owner contained the slash symbol ( / ). This has been fixed.

Minor Bug Fixes

    • In v9700, when ownership of a resource group was transferred from one administrator to another, the subsequent notification email sent to configured recipients did not display the name of the new owner. This has been fixed.
    • In v9700, while configuring notifications for a specific resource group, administrators were unable to select one or more user groups as notification recipients for the following password actions—Password Expired, Password Policy Violated, Password Out Of Sync. This has been fixed.
    • In v9700, users were unable to view a retrieved password if they had earlier included a percent sign ( % ) in the “Reason for Retrieval” field while raising an access request for that password. This has been fixed.

  • From v9200 till v9700, when a user specified that they wanted to access the password “later” while raising an access request for a resource for which auto-approval of requests was configured, the corresponding email notification was not sent to the specified recipients. This has been fixed.
  • From v9200 till v9700, if a user requested access to a resource more than once with different timeframes specified for each request’s password checkout period, only the timeframe of the first logged request was recognised for that user. As a result, all subsequent access requests raised by the user for the same resource were approved only with the already logged timeframe for password checkout. This has been fixed.


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