• General: A new icon has been introduced in the top right corner of the product’s header which contain links to the respective product’s training videos. 
  • OpManager: Option to bulk Deletion of File, Folder, Process, Service, WindowsService and URL Monitors from Device snapshot pages has been included now.
  • OpManager: Previously, the Active Processes and Installed Software data was pulled from device only if SNMP Protocol was passed. Now the data will be pulled also for the device associated only with WMI Credential.
  • OpManager: Previously, the password of the device was visible in the URL if ListActiveWindowsServices Api was invoked. This has been fixed now.
  • OpManager: The encryption level of device password credentials has been increased.
  • OpManager: Previously, when a Business View Administrator user was trying to view the Graphs from Device Snapshot -> Monitors page, it was redirecting to blank page. This has been handled now.
  • OpManager: While associating monitors from Settings -> Performance Monitors page, the threshold values were not getting updated to the device. This has been fixed now.
  • OpManager: In Probe set up, the test credential for VMware/Xen and UCS devices was not working due to incorrect parameter. This has been fixed now.
  • OpManager: Previous, Proper validation was not done for Monitoring interval field for all the monitors. This has been handled and validation check has been included now limiting the monitoring interval max value to 24 hours.
  • OpManager: Audit logs were not shown in device snapshot for Process Templates association details. This has been fixed now.
  • OpManager: Previously, WMI protocol based Process monitors were shown in Linux installation inside process templates, leading to incorrect association of those monitors and unnecessarily slowing down of data collection. This has been handled now and those invalid monitors will not be shown.
  • OpManager: Sometimes, creation of raw stats data table was getting stopped and was leading to data collection failure. This has been handled now.
  • OpManager: Previously, VMware discovery was getting failed if, for any datastore mount location value was not received from API. This has been fixed now.
  • OpManager: Language Localisation of the Sensor Status was not done under Hardware Monitoring for Chinese Language. This has been done now.
  • OpManager: Language Localisation for the 1Month field inside graph was not done for Chinese/Japanese Language. This has been done now.


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