• General: OpManager now supports SMS notifications via HTTP SMS Gateway and SMPP server.
  • General: 4028582 – Now, SMS server settings can be deleted in the UI.
  • General: Previously, server secret was visible in Radius Settings. This option is now hidden.
  • General: User access Level can be changed by Operator using API.This issue has been fixed.
  • General: 4358794-Product version showed undefined in UI when NCM folder existed under OpManager. This issue has been fixed.
  • General: 4447605,4421517,4405385,4382147-Option to apply .XML file type in license has been added.
  • OpManager: 4479975,3924891- Previously in Script Template, the html content had visibility issues. This has been fixed.
  • OpManager: Device name was not being updated when Last Polled returned null value in CPU/Memory/Disk and Bandwidth utilization widget. This issue has been fixed.
  • OpManager: Previously, Script Template had XSS vulnerability issues. This has been fixed.
  • OpManager: A new tray icon has been implemented for essential, central and probe setup.
  • OpManager: Under User Management, the user photo was not deleted from the saved folder even when the user profile was deleted. This issue has been fixed.
  • OpManager: Option to enable / disable DB query from system settings screen has been added. Based on the option selected, the DB query inside support is shown/hidden to the user. By default, the option is disabled.
  • OpManager: Partial masking of the API Key in UI has been implemented.
  • OpManager: Audit implementation for various modules like rebranding, Add/Edit/Delete Domain, Notification, License and Support has been done.
  • OpManager: 4244642 – Previously, Clickatell notifications were not working and displayed “Clickatell authentication failure” error message. This issue is fixed now.
  • OpManager: 3893820 – SMS Notifications were not received when multiple mobile numbers were given in the SMS Notification profile.
  • OpManager: 4252424 – Failover: For a business view created in the primary server with a custom image as background, the image was not loaded when the standby server took over. This issue is now fixed.
  • OpManager: 125561 Failover: Primary server’s conf files were not copied to Secondary. This issue is now fixed.
  • OpManager: 3835548 – User created dashboards can now be renamed in OpManager.
  • OpManager: 4032958 – On embedded ‘Heat Map widget’, the tooltip was not displayed. This has been fixed now.
  • OpManager: 3660586 – Updated commons-collections jar to version 3.2.2 due to ‘Remote Code Execution’ vulnerability in older version.
  • OpManager: 4113354 – In the ‘Send Email Notification’ profile, the length of ‘From Email Address’ field is now increased from 255 to 500 characters.



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