• NetFlow: Resource type and resource category are set by default to Top N Problems widget in dashboard.
  • NetFlow: Default name will get changed based on the category for Top N problem widget in dashboard.
  • NetFlow: The mismatch in Row Count for the top source, destination, conversation, application ( L4,L7 ) has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: Redirection issue in Dashboard from network-based (Source network, Destination network) widget has been fixed.
  • NetFlow: A new column for DSCP has been added to top conversation widget in dashboard.
  • NetFlow: Added an option to redirect from meraki device in device summary widget.
  • NetFlow: Redirecting to a particular snapshot with the configured timeframe is proper now and has been fixed.
  • NetFlow: Redirecting to snapshot from WLC widgets is proper now and has been fixed.
  • NetFlow: Enabling CBQoS policies for more than 2 interfaces has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: Listing interfaces with the index -1 has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: WAAS Total Volume graph plotting and time zone is proper now and has been fixed.
  • NetFlow: TimeZone issue for Line graph has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: Updating interface name when the speed is 0 is possible now.
  • NetFlow: Individual Graph feature across product is proper now and has been fixed.
  • NetFlow: Device traffic graph data in device Snapshot page showing incorrect value has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: Error in displaying time across product when the user and browser timezone differs has been fixed.
  • NetFlow: Drill down conversation in QoS shows only 50 records (pagination) has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: “Invalid Device selected” displayed in Raw Data Settings while clicking on Save button has been fixed now.
  • NetFlow: Raw data was getting duplicated in the database. Now it has been fixed.

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