• The ‘Automatic/On-click/No lookup’ options of Resolve DNS in global settings synchronized for all widgets
  • Two more SMS service Clickatell and AppSMS supported to send SMS notifications for ‘Alarms, Configuration changes, and Availability Alerts’

Issues Fixed:

  • 123396 – If dashboard data is with ‘\’, in its drilldown page data is shown without ‘\’ . The issue is resolved to display it properly
  • 121669 – When Traffic Conversation Table in Interface drilldown page is expanded, it was displaying only top 10 rows. Issue fixed to display complete data 
  • 123760 – In CCTV view, Operator can view unauthorized device’s Live Traffic. Issue is fixed by hiding it
  • 122774 – In one of the ‘Proxy Reports’, when Search icon is clicked, empty page was displayed. Issue fixed to display appropriate page
  • 123955 – ‘No Data’ message not internationalized in some graphs, issue fixed by internationalizing it.
  • 122298 – In dashboard traffic and security statistics report, when Search icon is clicked, empty page was displayed. Issue fixed to display appropriate page
  • 124212 – ‘In’ & ‘Out’ legends in Device Summary graph were not internationalized, issue fixed by internationalizing it.
  • 121712 – Fixed memory handling issue, during user association and manual IP mapping when device is deleted 
  • 123826 – Fixed an issue in reimport option of manual IP mapping
  • 120736 – Fixed issues in FWA Availability alert page UI and Disable notification link in the alert notification mail
  • 122140 – Fixed an issue in script error handling, when a schedule is added for Compliance report without selecting any type of standards
  • 125095 – In standard compliance reports, if clicked to drill down the report, the table values are not displayed. Fixed the issue for table value display
  • 125093 – User with ‘\’ character could not be added, for ‘End Users’ reports. Fixed the issue to add user
  • 123942 – There was an UI alignment issue in NetFlow widget populated in OpManager’s End Users report. Fixed the issue to align the UI
  • 122493 – In the dashboard, snapshot view of Cloud Users report, fixed the issue of missing ‘Expand View’ icon 
  • 124899 – Fixed the issue in Disable notification option of the change management alert notification mail
  • 124613 – When TLS option was configured in Mail Server settings, mail notifications for alerts were not sent. Fixed the issue to send mails 
  • 124090 – Fixed the misalignment issue in Policy Overview report table. This was for MS SQL databse
  • 122970 – When a new report type is added with the existing name, ‘Success’ message is displayed. Fixed the issue to display ‘Failed’ message
  • 125067 – Fixed the issue to populate rule details of SRX devices, when the configuration file is not having network object details
  • 125059 – In the ‘Unused Rules’ report of ‘Rule Management’, the resource criteria is not applied properly. Fixed the issue to apply the resource criteria properly
  • 4245966 – In FWA, log entries for unsuccessful console login attempt on Cisco ASA devices are not there. Fixed the issue to get entries
  • 4206352 – Issue, in SonicWALL log parsing for protocol, is fixed
  • 4086698 – All the IPs are not getting resolved into names, when ‘Resolve DNS’ is set to ‘Automatic’. Fixed the issue to resolve all IPs 
  • 4250080 – When scheduled PDF report page count is more than 100, the total page count in PDF footer was not proper. Fixed the issue for proper page count
  • 4300246 – Fixed the out of memory error generated when change management report was accessed

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