• Firewall: 4180774 — Device rule configuration using SCP protocol was not functioning in build 12300. Now, this issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: 124197 — Sometimes, SRX marked as unsupported device, if Firewall Analyzer receives unsupported log as the very first record. Now, wait time is added to check more received logs to avoid unparsed error.
  • Firewall: 120221 — Previously, there was no option to view the selected time-period of each dashboard widgets. Now, sub-header details will be shown in each widget with device information along with time-period applied.
  • Firewall: 122695 — System performance and custom dashboard views were missing when logged in for the first time. Now the issue is fixed and the user can view both. Firewall: 122785 — Inventory Interface snapshot traffic conversation report’s last row was not shown properly in UI. Now the issue is fixed and the report loads the data properly.
  • Firewall: 122055 — Graph units option provided in the Inventory LiveReports page was not in proper sequence. This issue is fixed and the units are now shown in proper order like kbps, Mbps, and Gbps.
  • Firewall: 123774 — When the user selects all predefined reports while creating a report profile, received PDF shows all the reports name on the home page without proper alignment. Now, Alert Message added for Report Profile reports selection.
  • Firewall: 122683 — Editing widget “Top N Hosts by Traffic” and selecting Protocol under category makes the widget to show data of protocol-group by traffic. Now, the issue is fixed by showing Protocol-Group instead of Protocol in dashboard widget – edit section.
  • Firewall: 123865 — ‘Live Syslog Viewer’ status shown as ‘undefined’ when we do a continuous refresh. Now the status message handling issue is fixed on the server side to show proper status in the UI for a continuous refresh.
  • Firewall: 124244 — Increased the data dumb volume from base table ‘Firewall Records’ to next level data table for database performance increase.
  • NCM: 4094309 — SSH Vulnerability #1: The SSH server is configured to support Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) encryption, which may allow an attacker to recover plaintext message from the ciphertext. We’ve now fixed this by providing an option to disable the CBC mode encryption using system property.
  • NCM: 4094309 — SSH Vulnerability #2: The remote server is configured to allow MD5 and 96-bit MAC algorithms, both of which are weak algorithms. We have now fixed this by providing the option to disable these algorithms using system property.
  • NCM: 1584237 — Configuration Analysis and Security Audit Reports are now supported for device templates which were not supported in earlier versions.

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