Yammer auditing and reporting capabilities: You can audit and generate alerts on 17 actions in Yammer which fall under the following categories:

  • User Activities: Audit groups and messages, created and deleted, along with the files created, modified, deleted, renamed, and viewed by users.
  • Settings Changes by Admin: Audit network, security, and profile related modifications made by admins, along with hard/soft delete settings modified, users suspended, and data exported by them.

New Reports

10 new reports on Yammer

  • Yammer Events Log – Get audit details on all user activities in Yammer.
  • Yammer Group Created – Get details on Yammer groups created by users.
  • Yammer Group Deleted – Get details on groups deleted from Yammer.
  • Yammer Message Deleted – Get details on Yammer messages deleted by users.
  • Yammer File Created – Get details on Yammer files created by users.
  • Yammer File Downloaded – Get details on Yammer files downloaded by users.
  • Yammer File Shared – Get details on Yammer files shared by users.
  • Yammer File Description Updated – Get details on Yammer file descriptions changed by users.
  • Yammer File Renamed – Get details on Yammer files renamed by users.
  • Yammer File Viewed – Get details on Yammer files viewed by users.

8 new reports on Skype for Business

  • Skype Licensed Users – Get details on licensed Skype for Business users
  • Skype Dial-in Users – Get the list of dial-in users with their numbers in Skype for Business along with the details on the audio conference ID, provider, and more.
  • Skype Removed Users – Get details on Skype for Business users whose licenses have been removed recently.
  • Session Details – Get details on audio and video sessions carried-out by users in Skype for Business.
  • Skype Numbers – Get details on user and service numbers being used in your organization in Skype for Business.
  • Voice-enabled Users – Get details on voice-enabled users with their telephone number, location, and more.
  • Auto Attendant Details – Get details on auto attendants configured, with details on the destination telephone number, language ID, status of the attendant, and more.
  • User PSTN Settings – Get details on voice enabled users’ PSTN settings in Skype for Business.


  • Expand Graph option is now available in the dashboard to expand and view the graphs more clearly

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