NetFlow Analyzer 12.3.304(Build 123304)

Bug Fixes :

  1. General: Previously, validation of session failed when the URL contained two or more consecutive backslashes. This vulnerability has been fixed now.

NetFlow Analyzer 12.3.294(Build 123294)

Features :

  1. Users can now generate search reports for Interface Groups & IP Groups.
  2. Nexus 7k IOS Series flow parsing issue has been fixed.
  3. NetFlow Analyzer now allows you to log SDP and SDP-MSP ticket for alerts.

NetFlow Analyzer 12.3.288(Build 123288)

Features & Bug Fixes :

  1. Introduced an option to view raw data storage information.
  2. Introduced multiple combinations of IP address for “From” and “To” in Between Sites IP Grouping bulk load.
  3. The bulk load feature in IP group and application mapping has been enhanced with options to download and upload sample .xml files.
  4. This issue with wrong Maximum value displayed in the Compare Report Graph Table has been fixed.
  5. The issue with schedule deletion, update and audit in Schedule Report has been fixed.

NetFlow Analyzer 12.3.277(Build 123277)

Vulnerability Fixes :

  1. The SQL injection vulnerability in ‘getDeviceCompleteDetails’ and ‘getAssociatedCredentials’ APIs have been fixed.

NetFlow Analyzer 12.3.274(Build 123274)

Features & Bug Fixes :

  1. Inventory updater feature that fetches device details on scheduled time, has been introduced.
  2. WLC widgets now support SSID Group resource type.
  3. Schedule reports have been added for Access Point Group and SSID Group.
  4. Autonomous System details have been updated.
  5. Added options to Create, Modify, and Delete SSID groups.
  6. In the Inventory, Snapshot reports have been added for SSID groups.
  7. SSID groups now support Capacity planning and Consolidated reports.
  8. An option to assign SSID Groups for Operator, and Guest users has been provided.
  9. The currency list for billing feature is updated.
  10. Introduced an option to select multiple combinations of IP address for “From” and “To” in Between Sites IP Grouping.
  11. Bulk load option to upload multiple unmapped applications is introduced in Application Mapping.
  12. General : During API calls, there was an ‘APIKey’ exposure vulnerability. This issue has been fixed now.
  13. General : There was an issue with the timezone displayed in the graph of an embedded NFA widget. This has now been fixed.
  14. General : SMS notifications via the SMS gateway was not working properly when the proxy settings were configured. This issue has now been fixed.
  15. General : Password length of Mail Server Settings and Proxy Server Settings have been increased.
  16. General : Quicklinks and info messages have been added to help the user with ‘How-To’ and ‘FAQ’ in the Notification Profile, User Management, Mail Server Settings, Proxy Settings and Rebranding pages.
  17. General : When a CCTV view was deleted from the CCTV list, the Dashboard kept loading for a long time. This issue has been fixed.
  18. General : In CCTV view, the seconds timer sometimes displayed a negative value. This issue has been fixed.
  19. General : In some cases, there was an out of memory (OOM) issue during product startup. This has now been fixed.
  20. General : SQL injection vulnerabilities in unauthenticated servlets has been fixed.
  21. General : Unauthenticated access to ‘DataMigrationServlet’ has been fixed. (Refer: CVE-2018-19403)
  22. General : The XSS vulnerability in alarm escalation has been fixed.
Build Release

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