New device/log format support:

  1. Log Exporter (CEF format) support for Check Point devices (R-77.3, R-80.10 with Jumbo Hotfix and R-80.20 versions)

New features & enhancements:

  1. On demand PDF export option in Web UI has been enhanced using PhantomJS.
    1. Page level PDF export with multiple widgets.
    2. Individual widget level PDF export.
    3. PDF export for all drill-down report pages.
  2. Rule management and compliance support using vendor API.
    1. Sophos-UTM.
    2. Sophos-XG.
  3. Rule management and compliance support using CLI.
    1. Check Point devices R-80.1 and above.
  4. Message framework guideline for proper usage of all features and configuration pages.
  5. ‘Bytes’ and ‘Hits’ details are added in the Dashboard Top ‘N’ widget reports.
  6. Quick links and Help cards added in Diagnose Connection, Report Filter, Customize Report, Rule Management reports and Settings pages.

Issues fixed:

  1. Fixed the improper error handling message shown for ‘Test connection’ action in ‘Device Rule’ configuration page.
  2. Multiple IP ranges can’t be added in Intranet settings page. Fixed the issue.
  3. Linux installation users were unable to save “Nipper” location in User Config page. Fixed the issue.
  4. Unable to configure SNMP v3. Fixed the issue.
Build Release

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