New Log Format Supported:

  1. Barracuda Email Security Gateway

New Features and Enhancements:

  1. Policy/Rule analysis, compliance report support and fetching configuration using firewall vendor API
    • Check Point devices
  2. Policy/Rule analysis, compliance report support and fetching configuration using CLI
    • Vyatta firewalls
    • Huawei firewalls
  3. Added ‘Tray’ Icon for Windows installation to start, stop, and get status of Firewall Analyzer.
  4. Changed ‘Support’ tab look and feel.
  5. New reports ‘Active VPN Users’ and ‘VPN User Session Details’ added under VPN reports.
  6. Quick links and Help cards provided for Discovery and Search reports.
  7. Selected ‘Time Period’ retained in all drill down snapshot reports, after zooming the time in live traffic widget.
  8. Enterprise Edition data exchange between Admin and Collector servers made secure for each requests and response.
  9. Firewall Analyzer startup time optimized; Made the internal modules to start in parallel.
  10. ‘Raw Settings’ page moved to ‘Search’ tab from ‘Settings’ page to avoid shuffling between tabs.

Issues Fixed:

  1. Support ID: 4795348 – Change Management report for SonicWALL displays user names, who do not have access to firewall configuration. Fixed the issue.
  2. Cisco-Meraki log parsing issue fixed.
  3. Log parsing of Sophos and Cyberoam devices tuned to handle more log rate.
  4. Occasionally, ‘Raw Tables’ are not split properly, when log rate is high. Fixed the issue.
  5. In ‘Rules Report’ page, if the number of rows is less than 10, the CSV, Excel export option is missing. Fixed the issue.
  6. SNMP settings page is not closed automatically on successful configuration from ‘Inventory’ snapshot and list page.
  7. Fixed the issue of removing unnecessary API calls when criteria based ‘Search’ reports is loaded.
  8. Fixed the issue of table border misalignment for all the report table grids.
  9. Fixed the issue of headers for PaloAlto and NetScreen devices in ‘Policy Overview’ report by changing the ‘Source Interface’ & ‘Destination Interface’ headers to ‘Source Zone’ & ‘Destination Zone’.
  10. When ‘Only on Week Days’ option is selected in ‘Daily-Schedule’, it was not working. This issue is fixed.
  11. ‘Policy Overview’ tab name changed.
  12. ‘Unused Rule’ header name changed.
  13. In ‘Remote Host’ option of ‘Import Logs’ page, the selected file is not getting marked. This issue is fixed.
  14. Fixed the issue of device name display in ‘Live Traffic’ widget even after the device is unselected.
  15. Fixed the issue of unrestricted ‘Save’ in ‘Live Traffic’ widget, if no device is selected.
  16. Fixed the issue of ‘Icon’ only option for horizontal menu change is not working in Central-Server.
  17. Fixed the issue of empty ‘Standards’ page, when the status of all firewall devices is ‘UnManaged’.
  18. When ‘Intranet Settings’ is saved without any criteria, instead of alert message, it is getting saved. Fixed the issue to show alert message.
  19. In the ‘Inventory – Device’ detail widget, page redirection happens only when text is clicked. Fixed the issue for page redirection when clicked anywhere in the device row.
  20. Fixed the issue of missing ‘On Demand’ column header in ‘Device Rule’ settings page.
  21. Fixed the issue of missing tool tips for few icons.
  22. For Windows firewall, UDP port unblock rules added for Syslogs packets.
  23. For Windows firewall, TCP port unblock rules added for Telnet and SSH.
Build Release

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