Issue fixed:

  • When Alarm profile is exported, alarm profile created by other users is not available in the xml file. This issues is fixed to show all profiles.
  • When syslog is imported, the IP address of the device was updated with link-local IP. Now the device is added with local IP.
  • Device rule configured firewall is listed as first resource in drop down of configuration related reports. This issue is fixed.
  • In Policy Overview page, drill down on some of the services showed no data. This issue is fixed.
  • SMS Setting shows ‘Not Configured’, even after ‘SMPP’ or ‘SMS Gateway (Clickatell)’ is configured. This issue is fixed.
  • Unknown protocol report drill down showed sent and received as kilobytes (KB), where as it is in bytes. Changed the header to fix this issue.
  • When the Report Profile is edited, ‘Run on Week Days’ could not be selected. This issues is fixed.
  • If schedule for Search Report is created, it did not get added properly. The issue is fixed.
  • In the Device Detail page, executed report profile details are not displayed. The issue is fixed.
  • Support ID: 4594278 – Raw Search result page sorting not working. Fixed the issue.
  • When Working Hour is configured, ranges like 8-12,15-18,19,20,21 were not allowed. The issue is fixed.
  • Assigning Credential Profile without selecting a profile was not throwing any error. This issue is fixed.
  • If only Traffic Log is selected, raw search was not allowed. Fixed the issue.
  • In Standards > Edit Settings page, after editing when Save button is clicked, page refreshes and goes to different device. This is fixed.
  • In the Inventory snapshot page, device edit slide comes over user settings page.This issues is fixed.
  • ‘All device’ option for ‘operator’ user in Snapshot page has been removed.
  • In the Collector list page, if any action is performed, the page will be refreshed automatically.
  • In the Inventory > Users list page, ‘username’ search was not working. This issue is fixed.
  • In the Alarms page of Operator user, Close icon-title is not shown properly on hover. This issue is fixed.
  • Free license text is removed from the DE Alert image.
  • For ‘Operator’ user, Support page icon was not working. Fixed the issue.


Build Release

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