Released on 19 July 2017

11.6 – Build 11060 – Standalone Edition

New Features:

  • EventLog Analyzer now offers exclusive reports and alert profiles for Fortinet device to help to detect anomalous activities, monitor user activities, changes in configuration, and more.


  • EventLog Analyzer supports all SonicWall device log format. Previously, we had been supporting only SonicWall firewall logs.
  • Active Directory user import feature has been revamped for better user experience.
  • Configuring domains and workgroups is made easy with a dedicated log configuration page for the same.
  • The solution can now import AD users at regular intervals using schedules along with provisions to view the schedule history.


The following issues have been fixed:

  • The alert profiles that are being created as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus have been provided with the l18n option.
  • The values for graphical representation in the dashboard is directly taken from the indices to avoid value mismatch.
  • Issue with loading archives in MSSQL Windows authentication has been fixed.
  • The issue with importing users with same username from multiple domains has been fixed.
  • Issue with adding users has been fixed now.
  • When users were moved to different host groups, the change wasn’t reflected in the ‘All host group’ list. This issue has been fixed.
  • Issues with the single-sign-on feature have been fixed now.
  • Importing users from some organizational unit had some issues . This has been fixed now.
  • Authentication of users imported from AD groups didn’t happen. This has been fixed now.
  • Technician roles can be assigned to multiple users at one go.
  • Vulnerabilities in ‘Keep me signed in’ option in the login page has been fixed using dynamic key based encryption.
  • Issues with log collector have been fixed.
  • False positives for Windows device down alerts has been fixed.
  • You can now collect event logs through a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
  • Issues with index archiving have been fixed now.
  • Issue with searching a renamed device in ‘Device’ page, has been fixed.
  • Synchronization issues with Admin and Managed server in MSSQL database have been fixed.
  • In File Monitoring Summary page, the device names were not listed, if it’s included in the DHCP device list. This issue has been fixed.

GA Release of EventLog Analyzer 11.6 – Build 11060 – Distributed Edition

  • Admin servers can now be assigned groups from multiple managed servers.
  • Exact host count was not reflected in the licence page of admin server. This has been fixed now.
  • Managed Server contains all the features of EventLog Analyzer Standalone Edition Version 11.6 Build 11060.
Build Release

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