Desktop Management

  1. You now have the option to display notifications for Linux users via “Message box” configuration. (build 10.0.393)
  2. Introduced the CVEID based search in all patch views. (build 10.0.392)
  3. Under OS Deployment, you can now overwrite a partition or deploy a new partition without erasing the target disk. (build 10.0.390)
  4. You can now take a backup of your folders dynamically using Folder Backup configuration. (build 10.0.390)
  5. Desktop Central integrated with ManageEngine Browser Security Plus. (build 10.0.390)
  6. Mac upgrader validation is enabled. (build 10.0.390)


Desktop Management

  1. Struts framework dependency has been removed for computer, inventory home, inventory alerts, hardware and software inventory pages. (build 10.0.392)
  2. Details for Mac users will now be fetched in inventory. (build 10.0.391)
  3. Forwarding server has now been renamed to “Secure Gateway Server”. (build 10.0.391)

Bug fixes

Desktop Management

  1. Issue in displaying the inventory data in Non-English languages under certain cases has been fixed. (build 10.0.400)
  2. An issue where configurations are not applied in Windows XP 32bit machines has been fixed. (build 10.0.399)
  3. Table height has been increased for views under inventory. (build 10.0.398)
  4. Issue in navigating to a computer from advanced search results under “Inventory” has been fixed. (build 10.0.398)
  5. Issue in deploying configurations to virtual machines has been fixed. (build 10.0.397)
  6. Issue in replicating files above 4GB from the server has been fixed.
  7. The issue with searching and sorting of software packages has been fixed. (build 10.0.397)
  8. Under OS Deployment, image replication issue has been fixed. (build 10.0.396)
  9. Issue with adding new AD users has been fixed. (build 10.0.395)
  10. Issue in detecting computer count while applying DesktopCentral’s license for UEM edition has been fixed. (build 10.0.395)
  11. Resuming file download in DS has been fixed. (build 10.0.395)
  12. Issues with File Folder configuration in pre/post deployment has been fixed. (build 10.0.395)
  13. Issue in launching Self Service Portal has been fixed. (build 10.0.394)
  14. Issue with Credential usage in Configurations & OS Deployment has been fixed. (build 10.0.394)
  15. Issue in executing queries in MSSQL database via Query Reports has been fixed. (build 10.0.394)
  16. Issue in launching SDP from Mac agent tray icon has been fixed. (build 10.0.391)
  17. Issue in setting the filtering criteria for date has been fixed in custom reports. (build 10.0.391)
  18. Issue in updating the user logoff details in “User logon report” has been fixed. (build 10.0.391)
  19. Issue in importing SSL certificates has been fixed. (build 10.0.390)
  20. Issue in image repository size difference has been fixed. (build 10.0.390)
  21. Issue in deployment failure due to incompatible image has been fixed. (build 10.0.390)
  22. Issue in fetching partition details during imaging has been fixed. (build 10.0.390)
  23. Under OS Deployment, application crash issue has been fixed. (build 10.0.390)
  24. Accuracy of dynamic group view has been increased. (build 10.0.390)
  25. MacOS message box can now be rebranded. (build 10.0.390)
  26. Issue in initiating voice/video call has been fixed. (build 10.0.390)
Build Release

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