1. Under post deployment activities in OS deployment, ability to install software after completing target computer’s domain name changes have been introduced in ‘Add applications’.
  2. Custom columns can now be used for generating custom reports.
  3. Tomcat has been updated from 8.5.27 to 8.5.32
  4. Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) are being upgraded to Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. You can upgrade your existing portal to the new portal. MDM supports integration with both the old and new portals.
  5. Support for iOS 12, macOS 10.14 and tvOS 12
    • Prevent users from modifying the device date and time by enforcing it using device location and network settings
    • Allow access to unmanaged apps to access managed contacts
    • Allow the managed apps to save contacts in unmanaged accounts
    • Prevent users from modifying settings in Screen Time
    • Turn off USB restricted mode by allowing USB accessories to connect to devices even when locked
    • Prevent users from sharing or requesting passwords from devices in proximity
    • Touch ID is now supported as an authentication mode for autofill
    • Remotely enable or disable Bluetooth on devices and enforce the selected state
    • Mac devices now support remote restart and shut down
    • You can now set a lock message during Remote Lock for Mac devices
    • You can now install App Store apps using VPP on Apple TV devices
Bug Fixes
  1. Issue in replication of software packages with non-english name in the distribution server has been fixed
  2. Issue in setting home page for chrome browser has been fixed
  3. Issue in domain name validation for prevention of XSS attacks has now been fixed.
  4. You can now manage Measure and Activity, pre-installed apps available from iOS 12, in Kiosk profile.
  5. Issues in displaying the latest version of the profile on the dedicated profile view, have been fixed
  6. Issue in not displaying the saved details of an Android or Windows Exchange profile has been fixed
  7. Under OS Deployment, Issue in partition adjustment has been fixed.
  8. Under post deployment activities in OS deployment, software packages will be installed after configuring all the parameters of target computers.
Build Release

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