Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 10.0.203 and 10.0.217

Desktop Management

  1. Software package creation has been enhanced with the ability to clone the package for later use.
  2. Migrating Desktop Central Server is now painless with our enhanced workflow.
  3. Selecting computers after adding a domain has now been enhanced.
  4. OSDeployment now supports BitLocker Encrypted Imaging and deployment.
  5. You can now download and install image creator components manually and proceed imaging.
  6. System Manager has now been enhanced with a new User Interface.
  7. OSDeployment now supports deployment of larger hard-disk image on smaller one based on partition.
  8. OSDeployment now supports deletion of existing users from an image as well as addition of domain users in post deployment.
  9. Live chat has now been enhanced with a new User Interface and provision to view Chat History.

Mobile Device Management

  1. You can now configure policies and distribute apps to Google Chromebooks, using MDM. Learn More
  2. MDM introduces modern management for Mac and Apple TV devices. You can install Mac Store apps silently on MacBooks, lock down Apple TVs under Kiosk mode and execute on demand security commands such as Remote Lock and Remote Wipe.
  3. Introducing OS update management, to automate and schedule OS updates on iOS and Android devices.Learn More
  4. You can now lock down Windows 10 devices to a single app, using Kiosk Mode.
  5. You can enroll multiple Windows 10 devices in bulk and also ease the process of device activation, using Windows Azure/AutoPilot enrollment.
  6. MDM now allows you to create roles with pre-defined permissions to manage certain managed device groups.
  7. MDM dashboard graphs have been enhanced to show a summary of Mac, ChromeOS and Apple tvOS devices in the network
  8. Conditioanl Exchange Access(CEA) now supports excluding users from the monitoring policy, revert devices blocked by CEA and removing devices from Exchange. Learn More
  9. MDM now lets you view/download the list of devices eligible for Apple Free Repair program. Access the following URL on the MDM server: https://mdm-server-address:port/mdmInv.do?actionToCall=showAppleServiceProgram
  10. MDM now lets you configure browser home page URL for Windows devices
  11. MDM reinforces data security by corporate wiping jailbroken devices, on detection.
  12. You can now know the device model name of managed iOS devices, in MDM.
  13. You can now upload in-house enterprise apps up to 1.5 GB in size
  14. Mobile Device Manager Plus now introduces a role permitting technicians to only remotely control mobile devices.
  15. Admin can now choose the time zone to be set on the managed mobile devices.
  16. Mobile Device Manager Plus now supports Google Play Protect.

Bug fixes

Desktop Management

  1. Issue in limiting the scope for a technician to configure Remote Control Settings has been fixed.
  2. Issue in initiating System Manager operations from agent status icon has been fixed.
  3. Issue in displaying REBOOT REQUIRED has been fixed.
  4. Excessive database user privilege in Query Report has been fixed.
  5. Issue in mapping Zendesk users with Desktop Central users under specific scenarios has been fixed.
  6. Issue in initiating Desktop Central chat from Spiceworks console under specific scenarios after integrating has been fixed.

Mobile Device Management

  1. Issue in adding UPN dynamic variable in Exchange profile has been fixed.
  2. Issue in iOS VPP apps sync stuck in-progess for a long time is now fixed.
  3. Issues with the unresponsive location data page has been fixed.
  4. Issue in assigning AD user to a DEP device during activation has been fixed
  5. Issue in distributing few iOS Single App Kiosk mode profiles that were created in older builds, has been fixed
  6. Issue in updating iOS apps under Multiple App Kiosk mode has been fixed.


Build Release

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