Desktop Management

  1. OSDeployment now supports secure communication between the server and the client.
  2. You can now configure the memory usage for Offline Image creation in OSDeployment.
  3. OSDeployment now automatically collects signed and unsigned Microsoft drivers.
  4. Configuring IP printer has now been enhanced with the ability to directly upload and install driver packages to target computers.
  5. You can now approve, unapprove or decline patches from the Patch Configuration details page.
  6. The Agent Live Status filter is added in All Patches -> Patch view & Detailed view.
  7. The Computer Name filter is now available under All Patches -> Patch view, Computer view & Detailed view and All systems view.
  8. The OS Name filter is available under the Scan systems view.
  9. The Last contact time and Last boot time details are now available under the Inventory tab.
  10. Settings to enable/disable users from accessing File Manger and Command Prompt has been introduced.
  11. Ability to detect NVM express on Mac computers has been introduced.
  12. During remote session, ability to blacken remote monitor has been enhanced.
  13. OS Deployment now allows both secure and unsecure UEFI boot for PXE.
  14. Support for Image and Driver repository deletion in OS Deployment has been introduced.
  15. Enhanced user experience for viewing media details in OS Deployment
  16. Automate Patch Deployment feature has been optimized with enhancements and improvements.
  17. You now have the ability to modify Notification Settings, Expiry Settings, Deployment Policy from the Task List Page in APD.
  18. You can now create test groups for linux computers and take advantage of the Approval settings.
  19. Approval for requests to use prohibited software can now be handled from ServiceDesk Plus

Mobile Device Management

  1. You can now install Store apps silently on Windows 10 devices, as MDM now supports integration with Business Store. Learn More
  2. MDM now supports clustering devices of different platforms into one group, for easier association of policies
  3. MDM now supports to configure Modern apps remotely using Windows App Configurations. Learn More
  4. MDM now supports integration with multiple DEP accounts.Learn More
  5. MDM now allows you to distribute apps, profiles and documents to all devices and groups with a single click
  6. MDM now supports provisioning Home and Photo Booth app under Kiosk mode, in iOS devices.

Bug fixes

Desktop Management

  1. Issue while updating the free and used space percentage of hard drive is fixed.
  2. Issue while performing inventory scans (for some cases) has been fixed.
  3. Issue while sending mails to the email IDs configured in AD, when a prohibited software is found installed, has been fixed.
  4. Issue in transferring files with non-english file names has been fixed.
  5. Issue in downloading ISO type PE media has been fixed in OS Deployment.
  6. Issue in template deletion while task is created has been fixed in OS Deployment
  7. Issue in downloading ISO type PE media has been fixed in OS Deployment.
  8. Issue in template deletion while task is created has been fixed in OS Deployment
  9. Issues in providing privileges to access System Manager for specific user-roles has been fixed.

Mobile Device Management

  • In File Manager, issue in performing file operations on files with non-english file name has been fixed.
  • Issues in configuring firewall for specific Operating Systems has been fixed.
  • Vulnerability in authenticating query reports has been fixed.
  • Vulnerability in uploading custom scripts, under configurations in specific cases has been fixed.
  • When a profile associated to a group is updated, any new devices added to the group will get only the associated profile, instead of the latest version.
  • Issue in updating iOS apps under Multiple App Kiosk mode has been fixed.


Build Release

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