Desktop Management

  1. You can now Search for any available Features and Articles in Desktop Central.
  2. Agent tray icon is now supported for computers running Mac.
  3. The ServiceNow settings page has been revamped and User Mapping feature has been introduced.
  4. Ability to “Send request to Help Desk” from Mac has been introduced.
  5. Ability to “Launch SDP console” from computers running Mac has been introduced.
  6. Forwarding Server is now free for 30 days.
  7. Introducing “Replication Policy” to schedule and optimize the bandwidth while transferring patch and software binaries from Desktop Central server to the Distribution Servers.
  8. Ability to invoke hot keys during a remote session has been introduced
  9. Ability to notify on the actions performed by the technician during the remote session has been introduced
  10. “Security Settings” to customize various security configurations and understand the security levels of your Desktop Central Server has been introduced.
  11. Device Manager to enable/disable drivers remotely from a central location has been introduced.
  12. You can now add columns such as Agent Live Status, OS Installed Date, Software Uninstall String and patch related columns to Custom reports.
  13. Scheduled reports now supports new criteria filters ‘Before N days’ and ‘Last N days’. This is useful for reports such as the Inactive Device reports etc.
  14. Ability to search for existing templates while creating a manual package has been enhanced.

Mobile Device Management

  1. Invite-based enrollment for Android and iOS has now been enhanced to support QR code, leading to quick and hassle-free enrollment process.
  2. You can now add the new Files app in Kiosk mode for iOS 11 devices.
  3. New policies to manage Apple Classroom app, for iOS 11 and above devices, are now supported.
  4. You can now add all your devices including already purchased ones into the Device Enrollment Program.
  5. You can now optionally allow users to access basic settings such as Wi-Fi, screen brightness, flashlight and screen rotation in Kiosk-provisioned Android devices.
  6. Desktop Central MDM now offers Standard and Professional Editions.
  7. You can now install enterprise apps silently on Windows 10 devices, without uploading an AET.
Bug fixes

Desktop Management

  1. Issues in performing on-demand operations in specific scenarios has been fixed.
  2. When Desktop Central is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus, issue in updating the model name for windows computers has been fixed.
  3. Issues with fetching intermediate certificate, on uploading SSL third-party certificates, has been fixed.
  4. Issue in deploying configurations when Organizational Units are given as targets under specific scenarios has been fixed.
  5. Issue in deploying Windows User Management configuration in specific scenarios has been fixed.
  6. Under Inventory, issue in scanning has been fixed.
  7. Issue in fetching Reboot Required status has been fixed.

Mobile Device Management

  1. Issues with accessing the documents tab in ME MDM on Android devices, has been fixed.
  2. Issue in Location History where the device may not render its path on the map, has been fixed.
  3. Issue in initiating Remote View for iOS devices using some Zoho Assist EU accounts, has been fixed.
  4. Issue in iOS profiles containing Wallpaper policy not sent to devices, has been fixed.
  5. Performance enhancements and bug fixes in device groups management.
  6. Issues in enrolling devices through Apple DEP and assigning them to user has been fixed
  7. Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements in all modules including Inventory and App Management.
  8. Issues with enrolment due to oncoming expiry of third-party certificates, has been fixed.


Build Release

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