Desktop Management

      1. Custom Scripts for Linux is now supported.
      2. Configuration to distribute Certificates has been introduced.
      3. Configuration to install fonts for computers has been introduced.
      4. Introducing remote control for computers/servers running on all flavors of Linux operating system supported by Desktop Central.
      5. Desktop Central now supports patching Windows 10 Feature Packs (Creator update).
      6. Under inventory, you can now view Product Key for Adobe and Autodesk products.
      7. In Remote Shutdown, you can now view all managed computers.
      8. In Remote Shutdown, ‘Agent live status’ filter is now available.
      9. You can now generate reports based on file categories and file extensions, post File scans.
      10. You can now view security related details from reports on antivirus, bitlocker and firewall.
      11. Encryption policy is strengthened to secure the passwords specified in configurations.

Mobile Device Management

      1. Distribute documents to mobile devices using Content Management.
      2. MDM now supports silent installation of Play Store apps for all Android devices, using Android for Work.
      3. Provision devices to securely connect to printers using the new AirPrint payload for iOS devices.
      4. MDM now supports remote viewing of iOS 11 devices
      5. New policies to manage Apple Classroom app, for iOS 11 and above devices, are now supported.
      6. You can now add all your devices including already purchased ones into the Device Enrollment Program.
      7. New restriction and security policies are supported for iOS 11 and above devices.
      8. You can now choose to skip the new iOS 11 Setup Wizard screens while activating DEP devices.
      9. Remote Control has now been enhanced with additional real-time status updates, shown while initializing remote session.
Bug Fixes

Desktop Management

      1. Issue causing APT corruption on Linux computers during patch deployment in certain cases has been fixed.
      2. Issue in patch deployment on Linux computers due to missing dependencies has been fixed.
      3. Issue while initiating Remote Registry during specific scenarios has been fixed.
      4. Issue in executing Disk Defragment during specific scenarios has been fixed.

Mobile Device Management

    1. Issues in location history data update have been fixed.
    2. Usability enhancements and issue fixes in App Management and Profile Management
    3. MDM now has enhanced VPP workflow with improved context-specific error handling.
    4. Issues with modifying user roles and group types has been fixed.
    5. Issues with auto-association of profile on adding devices to groups, has been fixed.
    6. Transaction logs growth issue in MSSQL database has been fixed.
    7. Issue in displaying the computer count in “Computer By OS” report has been fixed

Build Release

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