Issues fixed in 14310

  • All monitors, even those which were not associated to ‘operator’ user, were displayed in the inventory report for ‘operator’ type users.
  • In Oracle DB -> Tablespace tab, ‘allocated bytes’ shown for tablespaces of type “TEMPORARY” was incorrect when it was associated with multiple datafiles.
  • In Oracle DB monitor, there was an issue in the data collection of TableSpace details for the monitors in standby mode with read access.

Issues fixed in 14300

  • If the RCA Message contained more than one link, only one was shown in the email content.
  • If the business hour was applied and .pdf file of Availability percentage report was generated for multiple monitors, it showed incorrect overall availability.
  • In SNMP mode, disk utilisation was wrongly calculated if one of the OID was missing in between the sequence.
  • There was an issue while adding Query monitor with special characters using AddMonitor Rest API.

Security Issues

  • CVE-2019-15104CVE-2019-15105: NewThresholdConfiguration.jsp allowed a user to execute malicious SQL statements through “resourceId” parameter.

Security Enhancements in Build 14310

  • APM Plugin Authentication enhanced to fix bug mentioned in CVE-2019-15106

Minor Enhancements in Build 14300

  • New option to check if the managed server is down for specified number of times before sending a mail was added.
  • A new column “Parent Monitor Name” which displays the name of the attribute’s parent monitor was added in the ‘Used by’ list under ‘View Actions’ option.
Build Release

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