Issues fixed in 14040

  • Delete Template & Delete and Disassociate Template for Alarm Configuration were not working in Enterprise Edition since build 13800.
  • The option to “Overwrite existing threshold for Monitor Type/Group template” for Alarm Configuration was not working in Enterprise Edition since build 13800.
  • For Office 365, we’ve upgraded to TLS v 1.2 for requests sent via Powershell scripts.

Security Issues

  • Handled SQL Injection vulnerability via the ‘haid’ parameter when running generateAttributeReport action.

Issues fixed in 14030

  • Alarm tab options enhanced to give users the capability of selecting multiple severity filters.
  • Content check in URL monitoring was not happening if the response code is above 400.
  • Automated the process of configuring OpManager’s keystore and truststore details in AppManager Plugin.
  • JDBC Max pool size was being incorrectly calculated for Jboss Monitor.
  • When a monitor was added as a Dependent Device, there were issues in it’s working.
  • There were issues in the dependent Monitor Group functionality.

Security Issues:

  • The credentials used to connect the modem to the database were exposed and are now encrypted .
  • User details, incuding API Keys, were being exposed to other users, as the url to fetch those details were unauthenticated.
  • Manager User was able to view and modify the Execute Program Action.
  • SQLi in the showExecProgAction method was going to a blank page instead of an  error page is fixed.

Issues fixed in 14020

  • Passwords with Single quote and double quotes were failing in WMI-mode monitors.
  • In windows cluster monitor, alert message generated by disk tables were displaying the wrong disk name.
  • Websphere monitor goes down when Applications Manager is upgraded from a build before version 11040.
  • Process/Service still collected data and generated alerts after they were unmanaged. Broken since 13950.
  • In Oracle database, long running queries (like tablespace queries) caused data collection to stall. Hence, socket read timeout and query timeout handled for Oracle DB Monitor.

Issues fixed in 14010

  • In ElasticSearchCluster monitoring, the issue in fetching the proper credential details after restarting Applications Manager is fixed.
  • Adding a REST API monitor returns error code 613. However, no error message was being shown in monitor details page and monitor health and availability was being shown as up. This has been handled.
  • The Azure virtual machine monitor was not being automatically removed from Applications Manager after it’s being deleted in the Azure portal itself.
  • When using the OpManager add-on, network devices from OpManager were being displayed incorrectly when listed from infrastructure snapshot page.

Issues fixed in 14000

  • Updating Monitor Group owners using the “Edit Monitor Group” feature caused discrepancies in Custom Fields User/owner. This issue is fixed.
  • Support added for displaying Business hours for Windows, Linux / Unix, Microsoft .NET, DB2 and several other monitors in the Show Polled Data page.
  • Deleting the OpManager add-on was deleting all other Add-on products as well since build 13980. This issue is resolved.
  • Enterprise Edition Sync failed in some Windows machines since build 13990. This issue is fixed.

Minor Enhancements in Build 14040

  • Active Directory Monitoring enhanced to include Connectivity and Diagnostic Test metrics.
  • Support for Installshield in Chinese and Japanese language.
  • Option provided to move groups / sub-groups from GUI.
  • Support for SMS Gateway action configuration.

Minor Enhancements in Build 14030

  • Russian language support.
  • Capability added to suppress Alerts for Dependent Monitor Group.
  • Configure Alarm Templates functionality added for tabular attributes in Database Query Monitor and Script Monitor.
  • Font-size optimized in Dashboard and Plasma view for larger displays/screens.

Minor Enhancements in Build 14010

  • Support for MySQL Group replication monitoring.

Minor Enhancements in Build 14000

  • Added the option to set Custom time in the Show Polled Data page.
  • Websphere monitoring support for Version 9.x.
Build Release

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