Issues fixed in 13440 build

      • The File Content Check fails in Linux when locale is set to something other than en_US. This issue is resolved.
      • In the Directory monitor added in Remote Windows server, files from drives other than the given one were also calculated for ‘Files count’ value. This issue is fixed.
      • In the Directory monitor for HP-UX server, the Last Modified Date was being displayed incorrectly.
      • In Informix Database monitoring, data collection was not occurring for monitors with server names that use Non-English / special characters. This issue is fixed.
      • The Microsoft SQL session data was being displayed as empty due to extra spaces. This issue is fixed.
      • In Real Browser Monitoring, the Firefox browser remains open indefinitely and the data collection hangs due to an issue in Selenium ( As a workaround, we now restart the RBM Agent by default after every 100 data collections.
      • In Real Browser monitoring, when the page doesn’t load within the given timeout period, proper error message is now displayed.
      • The Alarm pickup/unpickup done through REST API was not working for the operator user. This issue is resolved.
      • The user assigned for alarm when we pick up / un-pickup for alarm wasn’t syncing from Managed to Admin.
      • The exception which occurs in the logs while adding a Real Browser monitor, without associating it to any Monitor Group, has been fixed.
      • In the support page, we have corrected the link to the Product RoadMap Page.
      • In the Hadoop monitor, the field name Authentication Type  has been changed to JobTracker/ResourceManager Authentication Type
      • The issue in associating a new URL monitor to the newer Windows server (any version of certain Windows server supported after Windows 7) monitors is fixed.
      • In the Oracle DB Links table, the links would not be displayed if two different owners used the same DB link name.
      • Certain hidden attributes were being displayed in the Edit Widget and Configure health pages. This issue is resolved.

Issues in the Widgets Dashboard:

    • In the dashboard report from widgets, the Tabular Widget & Graph were splitting at page break into more than one page in the PDF while more than 40 monitors were associated. This was due to the Widget height being increased based on the number of associated monitors in the widget. This issue is corrected
    • The issue of the widget being scaled too large in the Applications Manager user interface is fixed.

Minor Enhancements in Build 13440

  • Support for Query monitoring for DB2 for I.
  • Oracle Monitoring Enhancements:
    • Oracle backup job details tab now displays last performed backup jobs details for each backup type.
    • We now display the Invalid/Unusable Index Count in the database status table and also a table for Invalid/Unusable Indexes.
    • We have added Data File Name column in the in the ‘Blocks Corrupted’ table.

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