Features Introduced

  • Introducing a unified Data Sources page to enable users to view and manage all data sources within a reporting database from a single page. Click the Data Sources button in the Explorer tab to access this page. Learn more.
  • Enhancements to e-mail scheduling allows users to schedule e-mails to go out on the last day of the month as opposed to choosing the last date manually. Learn more.
  • Summary function in pivot tables enhanced to include average, minimum, and maximum values in the sub-total and the grand total rows. Learn more.
  • Introducing dynamic values for thresholds. Now use column averages, sum, minimum or maximum values as thresholds.
  • Introducing scope functionality for thresholds. Select a single threshold line for the entire chart or multiple threshold lines for each data point in a chart. 
  • Enhanced grid themes for tabular reports at the database level. Now select a common color theme for all the tabular representations such as pivots and summary reports in a given reporting database. Learn more.
  • Enhanced UI for ‘User Filters’ to aid quick customization.
  • Introducing support for OData feeds. User can now import their data into Analytics Plus using the weblinks of OData feeds. Learn more.
  • Shortened Embed/Permalink URL to facilitate easy sharing of reports and dashboards.  Learn more.
  • Enchanced dashboard themes lets you customize the font style, size, and color of the dashboard title and the description.
  • New chart type – support for filled map chart. Color-code countries, cities or regions on a geographical map based on values in the report legend. Learn more.
  • Now, you can represent Median and Mode of numerical fields in your reports. Learn more.
  • The new update lets you import multiple sheets from an Excel workbook at one go. Each sheet will be stored as an individual table in the reporting database. Learn more.


Build Release

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