• Access to Password Expiration Notifier free tool for ADSelfService Plus users with technician role.
  • Rebrand the self-service password reset/account unlock window of the Windows logon agent by adding your company image as browser title.

Issue Fixed:

  • Issue in sending SMS notifications with non-English characters due to SMS encoding.
  • Issue during backup and restoration of database due to character encoding.
  • Issue in selecting OUs if the selected OUs count exceed 100.
  • Issue in changing password if the sAMAccountName contains space.
  • Issue in changing password if the domain expects a down-level logon name instead of the entered sAMAccountName.
  • Issue in changing password in the mobile browser, when the password strength analyser is disabled.
  • Issue in synchronizing passwords with Office 365 when the new password contains a single quote (’).
  • Issue during password synchronization which displayed multiple records for a single password reset action in the Reset Password Audit report.
  • Issue which updates an invalid character in Active Directory for the entered ‘&’ character in the My Info tab.
  • Issue which failed to display user profile photo in My Info tab after it is updated in Active Directory.
  • Issue in displaying the enforced password policy rules in the native Windows interface (Ctrl+Alt+Del) for non-English OSs.
  • Issue in enforcing the custom password policies when the selected dictionary file contains a back slash (\) or a double quote (“).
  • Issue in deploying the Mac logon agent if the password of service account used contains a dollar symbol ($) or a forward slash (/).
  • Issue which failed to display the password-reveal icon in the native Windows interface when the GINA/CP logon agent is installed.
  • Issue which failed to list all the appropriate machines in the New Installation tab and the Installed Machines tab of the GINA/Mac Installation section.
  • Issue which failed to display an error message when a user, who doesn’t have administrative privileges, attempts to install GINA/CP logon agent.
  • Issue which caused the login page of ADSelfService Plus to load indefinitely in Chromebook when NTLM Authentication is enabled.
  • Issue in accessing  certain datatype (VARCHAR2) columns while fetching enrollment data from an Oracle database connection for Quick Enrollment.
  • Issue in Auto Enrollment if the imported enrollment data is encoded in UTF-8 format.
  • Issue in sending the scheduled reports in HTML format to the managers.
  • Issue which sent old audit data to ADSelfService Plus when there is an interruption in password sync agent service.
  • Issue which failed to display the installed password sync agent status in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Issue which displayed only ten of the available MS SQL server instances in the changeDB window.
  • Issue which shows duplicate values of mobile and mail attributes for certain users in the Enrolled Users report.
  • Issue which slowed down the generation of disabled users list during license management.
Build Release

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