README for Version 6.1

Features in service pack 6128 (Released on: 22 May 2017)

  • AEF-59980 : Ability to delete/hide default CI Types and Product Types.
  • AEF-61601 : Configure security settings under Admin >> General Settings >> Security Settings.

Issue fixed in service pack 6128

  • AEI-63979, AEI-65613 : Unable to login to the application when ‘Keep me signed-in’ is enabled.
  • AEI-63928 : Site filter does not get displayed properly for a few admin technicians in Software and new Purchase Request page.
  • AEI-63919 : Unable to migrate the assetexplorer build when servicedesk build is running in same server with 8080 port.
  • AEI-64284 : Barcode column is displayed twice for while creating a new All Assets custom report.
  • AEI-42063 : Prohibited software installation is not notified for new assets identified during network or domain scan.
  • AEI-64078 : Unable to modify the technician for cost center under Admin module.
  • AEI-64196 : Deleted technicians are displayed under “Quick Create – Relationships”.
  • AEI-63993 : The text “Software” under Assets tab –>Left panel is not translated for non English languages.
  • AEI-64026 : Unable to view more than 50 products that are associated to a vendor.
  • AEI-64308 : NullPointerException while trying to import Linux machine’s scanned xml.
  • AEI-61695 : Memory details shown in Workstations/servers hardware report is not matching with total memory of the device.
  • AEI-63205 : Exception is thrown if form is submitted without selecting the XLS file while importing CI relationships.
  • AEI-65159 : Ambiguous user error on importing relationships for users.
  • AEI-65498 : Unable to import contracts if date values are not provided in DATE formats supported in XLS file.
  • AEI-62968,AEI-62976,AEI-65533 : Unable to modify the Asset state from the Resources List View.
  • AEI-61679 : In asset details page, the word ‘State’ has been wrongly translated in polish language.
  • AEI-65778 : Location Field is getting reset to null on csv import under asset.
  • AEI-65773 : Unable to scan AIX machine as timeout error occurs while executing a command.
  • AEI-46136 : Error while executing valid query reports with column names containing sql keywords like update, exec, into etc.
  • AEI-66626 : Contract expiry notification mails are not getting sent.
  • AEI-62595 : Wrong scheduled reports are sent to the users if there are more number of reports scheduled at one particular time in some environments.

Behavior change in service pack 6128

  • Behavior change: While importing contracts, there won’t be any option to choose date format for date fields as before. Instead, all date formats supported by excel will be supported if the cell containing date is formatted as DATE in excel. Otherwise, default date format supported will be “dd mmm yyyy”.
  • Previously while deleting a CI Type or a Product Type an error would be displayed if there are products under it and the user has to delete the assets and products under it before deleting the CI Type/Product Type. From now on if a CI Type or a Product Type is deleted the user would be displayed with the number of assets and products under it and would be prompted to proceed with deletion. If customer chooses “Yes”, the assets and products would be deleted and the corresponding CI Type or Product Type would be hidden. The use can make them active whenever required.


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