ManageEngine have released an update for ADManager Plus, which includes new features and important bug fixes.

Please see the release notes below.

7054 (April 2020)


  • Report Scheduler: The creation and modification time of each report schedule is available. The modification time gets updated everytime the schedule is edited, enabled, shared, etc.
  • Help desk audit reports:
    • The technician logon report will have the full name of technician in addition to the sAMAccount name.
  • In bulk management operations using CSV, the manager name can be populated by providing just the employee ID.
  • The ms-DS-ConsistencyGuid attribute has been added to the existing list of Source Anchor attributes configured during Office 365 configuration.


  • The exported audit report did not include name of template used for user creation tickets.
  • Technicians not being able to modify NTFS permissions for folders, if Visible Groups is configured for them.
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability in employee search.
  • The members column does not get updated when the Permissions for Folders report is generated.
  • When creating a schedule for Permission for folders report, the custom level value entered for the Check for folder permissions upto option did not get saved.
  • Error message was not displayed when a technician tries to delete an automation policy, at the same time as when another technician links that automation policy to an automation.
  • User’s Remote Access Permission attribute remains unchanged when modified using a User Modification template with Remote Access Permission set to Control Access through Remote Access Policy.

Please ensure that you update your application as soon as possible.

Contact us here with any questions, or for any help with your update.

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