One of our clients was struggling with a range of user requests because they didn’t have a screenshot of the issue. The main hurdle was largely that the users didn’t realise that they could easily send a screenshot directly as part of the support request they were raising via the self-service portal.   We added the following text to the Description field of the principle Incident templates and, to the client’s pleasant surprise, the number of screenshots being posted increased dramatically:

To send a screenshot of your issue please press ‘Alt + PrtScn‘key combination and then press ‘Ctrl + V’ key combination to paste the screenshot into the section below along with any additional information which may assist the team in diagnosing your issue.

Additional information

If you have ServiceDesk Plus integrated with Desktop Central the user can also send requests to ServiceDesk Plus with an automatic screenshot by using the ‘Send Request to Help Desk’ option provided by the desktop agent:

You can even present the user with various ‘canned’ requests (from the Subject drop-down in the graphic above) that they can raise via the Desktop Central Agent, a nice feature if you’re not looking to implement a full self-service portal.   There are various configuration option in DesktopCentral for configuring this feature including the ability to prefix the request subject text of these DesktopCentral agent requests arriving in ServiceDesk Plusto assist with any automation activities you might want in ServiceDesk Plus e.g route the request to a specific Technician group:


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