Whilst ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus was originally designed with IT Support in mind, we are finding a greater uptake in shared usage of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus in companies. With it’s extensive ticketing capabilities ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a capable tool for many departments, including the likes of Human Resources, Facilities, Development alongside it’s more traditional role of IT Support

The Support Groups feature, under the Admin tab, in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is what provides the capability to fully support the shared usage of a single deployment of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus: 
Assuming you’ve already created/added appropriate technician accounts simply create a new Support Group for the department requiring shared usage of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus e.g Software Development:

Then add the required technician accounts to this Support Group:


There are a number of Notification options that enable you to keep everybody informed as to the status of the Requests that are placed in this Support Group:
Finally, and this is the clever bit, you can use an alternative email alias for the Support Group and it’s email communications to/from ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. So, as far as end-users are concerned, they look as if they are dealing with a completely separate entity to the main IT support email account used by ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus:
There are a couple of other options to improve usability when using Support Groups. First off you can ensure departments only see their own tickets when using ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. Just create a suitable Role and apply this Role to the required Technician accounts:
The important bit is setting the tickets this Role is able to access. For shared usage you would generally select the option as shown:
Then assign this Role to the relevant Technician accounts by editing their Technician account details:
If you are using Incident or Service Request Templates you can also use the Support Groups feature to choose whether to display the relevant templates to the technicians of the Support Group or not:
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