An interesting conversation regarding rebranding ServiceDesk Plus has come up recently. Basically a customer had used themes and custom logos to change the appearance of their ServiceDesk Plus installation to suit the organisation. However, they wanted to change the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus title text and logo in the browser tab when using the product:
Now it’s been possible to change these options for some time but it can be a little confusing as to the process so I thought it would be a good idea to share. 
First off the favicon image. To change this you will need to replace the default ManageEngine ‘favicon.ico’ file with a suitable 24-bit colour, 16×16 pixel ‘.ico’ image file of your own. You might want to use an suitable ‘.ico’ editor to do this, there are plenty available to download. Remember to take a copy of the default image file for backup purposes. 
You’ll find the default ‘favicon.ico’ image file located in the following directory where ServiceDesk Plus is installed:
Having updated this image file your favicon image should appear when browsing to your ServiceDesk Plus; you might need to clear your browser cache for this to update. Here’s an example updated with the set3 logo:
You’ll notice too that the text has changed from the default ‘ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to ‘set3 Solutions’. Now to change the browser tab text you’ll need to edit a file called ‘rebrandinfo.xml’. You’ll find this file in the following folder on the ServiceDesk Plus server:
If you edit this file in Wordpad for example you’ll find the following statement:

PRODUCT name=”ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus”

Simply change the text in the quotation marks to the desired text. Once saved you’ll see this in the browser tab when accessing ServiceDesk Plus.


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