New Features and Enhancements in ServiceDesk Plus 11.100

ServiceDesk Plus Version 11100
Released on 18 March, 2020

ServiceDesk Plus Version 11.100 (11100) has introduced some helpful new features and enhancements. Read on to find out what they are and they can help.


Resource Images

  • Add images to all available resources in the Service Template. To learn more, click here.

Resource Planning

  • Under the Resource Management tab, you can now easily manage your resources; their availability, load and utilization, and task assignment. To learn more, click here.

Request Tagging

  • Add tags such as engineering, development, printer, router, network issues, and the like to requests. Using tags, you can search requests in the global search and also draw up a list of similar requests, including service and incident requests. To learn more, click here.

Page Scripts

  • Page Scripts allow you to customize the application page-wise as per your requirement. You can modify the UI elements as well as the functionalities of a page in the application using custom scripts for end users. To learn more, click here.

Reply Template

  • Admins can configure private and public reply templates. Also, technicians with view permission for requests can configure private reply templates under Quick Actions >> Manage Reply Templates. To learn more, click here.

My Assets Widget

  • List all the assets associated with a user under My Assets widget in the requester self-service portal and allow the user to raise an issue related to those assets from there. To learn more, click here.

Local Authentication Password Policy Configuration

  • Configure and enforce a password policy for all users to ensure better security of the user data.

ServiceDeskPlus Application Cookies

  • Option to view the cookies used in ServiceDesk Plus. Community >> Troubleshoot >> Cookie Policy.


  • Add Password Manager Pro and OpManager menus to the application’s menu bar to enable technicians to easily access the integrated apps. You can enable the menus inside the corresponding integration page under Admin.

Further Details

Please note that this upgrade also includes some key behavioural changes and important issue fixes. For full details please click here.

Ready to update?

Download the update file for ServiceDesk plus 11.007 here. Please note that this patch is only applicable for ServiceDesk Plus versions 11000 and above, so if you are on an older version you will need to follow the upgrade path.

Need Help?

If you need more information on the new features, any help with updating your application, or have any questions please contact us here.

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