With the new announcement that ServiceDesk Plus will be moving away from agent-less scanning, this is a good time to showcase the benefits of scanning with an agent.

Firstly, configuring the agent is very simple. Navigate to Admin > Discovery > Windows Agent Configuration. Click on configure and input your server details. You can choose to download the agent there and then.

Once set up, your agent can be deployed through Active Directory for devices in the same domain, PsExec Utility for devices in the same workgroup, or by manually downloading the agent on each machine. The agent can also be updated in the same way.

Agent status is easy to see, just click on ‘Assets’ and have a look under ‘Scan Summary’:

The agent-based scanning method offers many benefits:

  • Only one port is required, which can be configured under Admin -> Agent settings -> Agent Configuration -> Agent Port.
  • Can perform a scan automatically on each boot.
  • Minimal data transfer.
  • Enables quick access to the remote machine using Remote Control.
  • Provides more data on certain assets, such as dual monitors and Hyper-V, than other methods.
  • Easily deployed via Active Directory.
  • Dependencies over DCOM and RPC settings are eliminated.

For more information, if you need any help, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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