As you may be aware the recent ServiceDesk Plus version 9418 update brought various changes, most notably revamped UI and new self-service portal customisation options.

Users are now given a new widget to easily create issues, request services, view solutions, and search templates.

However, being used to the old style buttons, this change has caused confusion for some our clients and their end users.

Luckily, an easy fix is available.

On the ‘Self Service Portal Customization’ page  (Admin>General Settings>Self-Service Portal Settings>Customize Self-Service Portal) you will notice that you have two options on the new widget – ‘Edit’ and ‘Remove’. By clicking on ‘Edit’ you are able to edit the html of the widget, and by using the html from the older versions you can revert back to that style, including the old icons.

Simply overwrite the new html with the old (at the bottom of this post), and you should see the change. Click ‘Save’ to update. If you want to go back to the new style, click ‘Restore Default’.

It’s as easy as that. Hopefully this helps the end users that are confused by the new icons.

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