The cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus has recently been revamped with an all-new refreshing user interface (UI), now available for beta testing.

A snapshot of the new UI for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
A snapshot of the new UI for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

Users of ServiceDesk Plus cloud can change their current UI and see it for themselves. ManageEngine have brought in more than 100 micro enhancements, all aimed at improving the user experience.

Highlights include:

Minimalist design

A simple and elegant user interface that brings exceptional user experience.

Powerful Dashboard

Access all your data at a glance without navigating multiple pages.

Kanban View

Increase productivity, enable collaboration, and ensure efficiency.

Table Enhancements

Improved readability and data access, without any loss of context.

Layout Personalisation

Select layouts, fonts, and colours to personalise the look and feel of the interface.

Other features include three navigation menus: Sidebar, Sidebar Lite, and Topbar, and a new ‘Notifications’ area.

…and lots more!

You can test it out yourself by enabling it in the top right corner of the main screen (screenshot below). Don’t worry – you can always switch back, and the changes aren’t effective for other users unless you choose them to be.

A screenshot of where you can change to the new UI.
Click on ‘Switch to the new UI (beta)’.

As mentioned above, you have the option to enable the new user interface for technicians, requesters, or both, giving you a chance to test it out before widespread release to all of your users.

You can find out more information in a sneak-peek video here, or in a .pdf guide here.

As the UI is currently in beta phase your feedback will be much appreciated.

You can contact us here for more information, a demonstration, or with any questions or queries.

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