Trying to decide if you need ManageEngine OpManager or Site24x7 for monitoring?

Do you need just ManageEngine OpManager or Site24x7? Do you need both solutions? Just what are the differences? Are they complimentary or competitive products? Is one system better than the other? Hopefully this article will help explain exactly what monitoring each application can provide.

What are they?

ManageEngine OpManager is an on-premise software application for monitoring and managing computer networks. It provides network device monitoring, physical server monitoring, virtual server and host monitoring. With the Application Manager plug-in monitors application performance and offers real-time user monitoring. It is a scalable solution with distributed capability (Enterprise Edition).

Site24x7 is a cloud based monitoring solution that offers website monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application performance and real-time user monitoring. It is easily scalable and has multiple geographical monitoring ‘points-of-presence’.

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What do they do?

OpManager is an ‘internal’ network monitoring solution aimed at customer’s looking to monitor their company’s LAN/WAN network infrastructure, physical data centres and environmental sensors.

Site24x7 is a cloud based and focuses on monitoring a customer’s external websites, web delivered services and virtual cloud services such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

OpManager can perform a range of monitoring that Site24x7 offers and vice-versa.

How do they differ?

OpManager has a range of capabilities that go well beyond traditional network monitoring. These include options to perform bandwidth monitoring using Netflow capable devices, network configuration management for device configuration monitoring and backup, dynamic switch port and IP address management (IPAM.SPAM), firewall monitoring and storage monitoring. None of these options are available with Site24x7

Site24x7 provides an external view of a companies’ web-delivered services on a global basis whether they are hosted in physical data centres or as part of a public cloud service. This ‘world-view’ capability can be combined with monitoring of internal devices and systems through the installation of monitoring agent software (per server) and network pollers.

In summary

Confusion can often arise as both systems appear to monitor a similar range of devices and applications. However, OpManager and Site24x7 are different solutions with different monitoring aims and architectures. It is not simply a case that one replaces the other as they offer complimentary monitoring capabilities.

A multi-site company with their own data centres might focus more heavily on OpManager whilst a company delivering web service to clients may require Site24x7 more extensively. With a great many companies operating ‘hybrid’ network architectures these days both solutions have a role to play.

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