Sitting here in the Hilton, Paddington at the Global Active Directory Event with ManageEngine and listening to AD Technical Evangelist, Derek Melber, a specialist with over 15 years of AD training experience. 
This is no ordinary seminar about Active Directory, Derek is proactive in challenging delegates to really think about their current management and monitoring of their Active Directory environments. With very simple demonstrations he is able to highlight the weaknesses of the current in-built Microsoft tools and solutions (some worried looking faces),
Using the ManageEngine suite of solutions …
 … Derek interactively shows how to extract pivotal security information with a few simple mouse clicks, against Microsoft’s solution which invariably uses PowerShell to perform the most simple of operations!
Ultimately Derek, calling upon an extensive Active Directory knowledge, enlightens delegates as to how they can harden and secure their Active Directory environment effectively and in a realistic timescale.
Want to know more? Check out the link on how to harden your Active Directory now:
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