ServiceDesk Plus now offers a new means of extending application capabilities with Deluge, the easy to learn on-line scripting language.

The ability to add additional application logic has been available in ServiceDesk Plus on-premise for some time. A potential drawback for some is that extending the capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus requires the use of an external scripting application, such as Python or Microsoft PowerShell. Such scripting applications need to be enabled on the ServiceDesk Plus application server where scripts are stored and run. Not only does this present potential security issues, but not everybody is conversant or comfortable with writing and maintaining external scripts. As for ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand (Cloud) the option for integrating external Python or PowerShell scripts is not supported.

Now both variants of ServiceDesk Plus provides an in-built scripting capability in the shape of Deluge, an easy to learn scripting language. Deluge can be found in various ManageEngine and Zoho applications and services. Custom Functions can easily be created using Deluge, saved via the ServiceDesk Plus GUI, and then triggered via standard operational features such as Business Rules or Custom Triggers. As there’s no external script to worry about, managing and maintaining such application customisations becomes a far simpler proposition.

Set3 Solutions have been assisting customers with customisations of ServiceDesk Plus for many years. The adoption of Deluge further simplifies this process and makes application customisation a much more realistic choice for many more clients. So if you ever found yourself asking ‘I wonder if ServiceDesk Plus could just do this ….’ why not get in touch and see what the ‘art of the possible’ might be.

Contact us here for any help, or if you’d like to engage with our professional services related to ServiceDesk Plus.

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